College Council -- March 5, 2010

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The Budget item includes discussion of the BC Management Re-Organization.

Decision-Making Task Force

New documents posted in the DMTF section of the College Council website. The "Understanding committees chart" was updated plus a new document that is an overview of the "Laws and regulations" plus a graphical version of it. Please give me any feedback on these docs by March 17th.

Here is who is on the Decision-Making Task Force: Greg Chamberlain, John Gerhold, Michael McNellis, Sue Vaughn, Candice Sifuentes, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Mary Jane Johnson, Ann Morgan, and Dan O'Connor.


Items continue forward in the planning stages at the state level.


CA state budget curve

At left is a revision of the "J-shaped" curve from my previous report on the expected state funding future. (I had the rock bottom a year earlier than what is expected.)

Budget documents from the March Board of Trustees meeting were distributed to College Council. Here are links to PDFs of those documents:

Note on page 2 of the budget summary that the colleges will be able to use up to $1 million per year of their reserves plus a matching amount per year from the district reserves for back-filling cuts of ongoing expenses for the 2010 to 2015 budget years. The 10% BC budget cut is still being planned for BUT that 10% does not include use of the reserves (i.e., the cuts we have to make in the end are 10% - $2 million). Also, I believe the budget scenario has NOT included the extra $3 million the district will receive from the state for apportionment funds the state forgot to pay us (see my September 4th report for more on that). That extra $3 million districtwide will go into the college's ongoing budget (i.e., it boosts our base in the funding formula from the state).

BC Org Chart March 2010

As part of the budget discussion, Greg Chamberlain passed out the revised Org Chart illustrated at left (click on the picture to bring up a larger version). The gray boxes are definite changes that are going to happen. I put a green box around those changes that are effective immediately. Other changes will happen July 1st (the new fiscal year).

Link to a PDF of this keyed Org Chart.

Greg also noted that it was legal for him to make this re-organization himself with a re-assignment of Nan to the Executive VP because according to section 53021 (c1) of Title V, there is not a "new opening" when there's a net reduction in positions. (Select "Title 5. Education, Division 6, Chapter 4, Article 2, "Recruitment"). Link to local copy of full section 53021 (PDF)

The budget savings will happen at the second level below the President (i.e., at the dean level). The Dean of Learning Support Services will be eliminated and the Athletic Dean will convert to a Director position.

Instead of two Vice-Presidents of equal stature (Academic Affairs and Student Services), there will be an Executive Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Student Services and an Associate Vice-President of Student Services. The Associate VP will report to the Executive VP. In the past there was sometimes confusion over authority and responsibility between the two Vice-Presidents of equal stature and the instructional side of the college was separate from the student services side of the college. With the two sides now going through the Exec VP, it is hoped that there will be more cross-fertilization of ideas and better communication as well as reduced confusion between the two sides. The Exec VP will be at a higher pay level than the original VP and the associate VP will be at a lower pay level than the original VP, so there won't be any cost savings with the new VP structure.

Greg Chamberlain is looking to fill the associate VP as soon as possible with an interim and then hire a permanent person as soon as July 1st.

Since the student services side no longer reports directly to the president (via a regular VP), there is a risk of the president not getting as good a communication with the student services side as before (because the student services now reports to the Exec VP) and Greg Chamberlain is aware of that risk. The associate VP will sit on the President's Cabinet.

Of bit more concern to our area is the possible elimination of the MESA/STEM dean position (along with the Dean of Instruction - Teacher Prep temporarily filled by Lynn Hall part-time). Dan O'Connor received a March 15th notice because his position may be going away depending on the budget situation in May/June. The March 15th notice is a way to ensure that cuts CAN be made rather than cuts WILL be made. If this budget cut needs to be made, the areas under the two deans will be reshuffled under the remaining 4 educational administrator deans (Dean of Learning Resources = Suderman, Dean of CTE = Eydgahi, Dean of Instruction = Ross, Dean of Nursing&Allied Health = Collier). Lynn Hall is interim and part-time, so she did not receive a March 15th notice even though her box MAY be going away too. The other educational administrator deans did NOT receive March 15th notices.

The possible loss of the MESA/STEM dean position would have long-term negative effects for the STEM area. This is not a zero-sum game but a negative-sum: other areas are not going get more influence because the MESA/STEM position is possibly going away but, rather, all areas after the possible reshuffle will be diluted.

No, I do not know why the MESA/STEM dean box is being targeted. It is not a seniority issue as Eydgahi came after O'Connor and Collier's position is an even more recent dean position (she was a director before that). Even if the MESA/STEM dean position survives the cuts, O'Connor would have some extra responsibility put on his plate: the Health and Physical Education department. Either way the budget cuts go, there is going to be pain for the STEM area. Any advocacy efforts on our part should be directed toward explaining the need for a STEM area that stays together (rather than piece-mealing STEM among the other deans).

College Goals

We need to set the college goals for the 2010-11 academic year by the end of this spring semester. A task force was formed to develop a way to evaluate what happened with the 2009-10 goals (possibly some sort of survey instrument) and to get ideas for our new college goals.

Next meetings

For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week. Next meeting is March 19th at 8:30 to 10:30.

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