College Council -- March 6, 2009

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Video Operations Center Proposal -- need feedback before March 17th!

We were presented with a proposal to create a district-wide Video Operations Center to better implement the interactive television education and administrative video-conferencing that is happening haphazardly across the district. BC's set up and support system is being looked to as a model to emulate and from which to later expand upon. At BC, heavy users of the interactive television education are the nursing program (they communicate simultaneously with students at BC, Delano, Porterville, and Cerro Coso) and those who are on district-wide committees/task forces. A conservative estimate of savings from the use of video-conferencing over driving to a single location for face-to-face committee/task force meetings is about $250,000.

The proposed Video Operations Center will bring CC and PC video conferencing capabilities closer to the support we have at BC. Some significant dollars WILL be spent on improving the video-conferencing technology hardware and support, but we need to be sure we haven't overlooked something in the proposed plan---hence, the request for your review and feedback before March 17th. The proposal has been shared and discussed at the Technology Leadership Committee and the District-wide Consultative Council (formerly known as Chancellor's Cabinet) and now it it is being shared with the college's college councils for feedback before the District-wide Consultative Meeting on March 17th. I have placed a copy of the PowerPoint presentation on my report website and I have also created a PDF of the slides PLUS the presenter notes. Select the links in the previous sentence to bring up those documents.

Give feedback on this Video Operations Center proposal before March 17th to Greg Chamberlain or John Gerhold or Marco Sifuentes. Please "CC" your college council rep, Nick Strobel.


We had a brief update/overview of the Luminis portal that will eventually replace our entry into the Banner and BanWeb system. For more on the Luminis system, see my ISIT May 2008 report and for how Luminis will fit into our web presence, including instructor website issues, see my ISIT February 2009 report. On April 1st (yes, April 1st---no fooling!), a decision will be made on a timeline that would see some classes using Luminis in Fall 2009 and a full launch in Spring 2010. If the timeline is approved at the April 1st meeting, then staff and faculty should be able to start trying out Luminis in the beginning of May 2009 and the summer will be spent beefing up the content. Selected classes would be selected to beta-test Luminis in Fall 2009.

College Goals -- Renegade 2012/Action 2012

Just a short review what has happened last semester in the setting of college-wide goals. We're going to use the Action 2012 plan as a basis for college goals in the 2009/10 academic year (select the link to bring up the full plan PDF and here's a link to the executive summary PDF). One other goal or "need to get done" is the creation of swing space for the facility improvements that are coming up (see the Facilities section in my previous report).


Greg shared Tom Burke's 2008/09 & 2009/10 Budget update that was sent around BC_ALL on March 5th. It gives the same statewide figures in the Budget section of my previous report PLUS the impact on KCCD. BC's share will be roughly 2/3 of the total district amount. Burke's report also lists the SIX propositions about the state budget that will be on the May 15th special election.

Next meetings

March 20th at 8:30 to 10:30. We will discuss the College Goals, Renegade 2012/Action 2012, Accreditation and the budget.

April 17th 8:30 to 10:30, and May 8th 8:30 to 10:30.

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Document author: Nick Strobel