Student Success Directions from Greg Chamberlain

The following from Greg Chamberlain was shared briefly at the March 18th College Council and will be discussed more fully at the April 1st College Council meeting. Please send any feedback to your College Council rep, Nick Strobel, before April 1st!


You have heard me say that we must serve the students we have now, not the students we would like to have. Many of our students are underprepared for collegiate work. Many are first generation students who do not have a support system outside of the college. Our students are a reflection of the communities we serve. We need to build on the successes that happen across this campus every day. It is up to us to make the changes necessary for more students to be successful and persist in completing a degree or certificate.

Over the last year, campus meetings were held to discuss the issues our college faces with regard to underprepared students, degree completion, and the new transfer model degrees. Maintaining high but achievable standards and engaging students is essential to increasing student success, persistence and degree completion rates.  A number of ideas were generated to address student success and completion rates. I believe that the list I have compiled includes the most viable options for our college. It also contains suggestions for assessments we need to undertake to determine what our next steps will be. My intention in sharing this with College Council is for you to get input from your constituency groups. I would welcome other ideas. Realize that we need to move with a sense of urgency on behalf of our students.

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Last updated: March 22, 2011

Document author: Nick Strobel