College Council -- March 20, 2009

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College Goals -- Renegade 2012 / Action 2012

Need for feedback from YOU: what should be the college goals for 2009/10? Give me feedback by Thursday evening, April 2nd.

There was a bit of discussion on how to come up with college goals/priorities for 2009-10 in conjunction with the college strategic plan (Renegade 2012/Action 2012). We do need to attend to the items compiled by the Academic Senate and the Educational Administrators Council last year: assessment, enrollment management, revisions to program review and unit plans, accreditation recommendations, basic skills, improving communication. These are in process by various groups: strategic initiative groups, accreditation response group, assessment committee, and others. A group from the College Council is supposed to work on a document that will summarize the seven initiatives from the strategic plan and seek input from the college community as to which particular items from the strategic plan could be done next year and also what new things have come up since the strategic plan was developed that need to be addressed next year. [That was supposed to come out last week, but that didn't happen.] Should we come up with one goal from each stategic initiative? Is there something new that needs to be added? What should be the college goals for 2009/10?

Renegade 2012 Seven Strategic Initiatives (+ strategies/goals within) + Other

  1. Student Excellence: Improve services to all students and remove barriers to academic and occupational success.
    1. Devise strategies to inform and educate students about the expectations of a student in a college setting.
    2. Inform students about proven strategies to overcome barriers to success.
    3. Improve the morale of and quality of work/study environment for all students and employees on campus.
    4. Expand and enhance classroom and service strategies, activities, and approaches to improve student retention and success.
    5. Provide opportunities for dialogue and advocacy for all student excellence related activities among all constituent groups.
    6. Increase our understanding and knowledge of student barriers to success directly from the students and develop solutions to meet those needs.
  2. Communication: Improve our internal and external culture of communication by developing comprehensive communication protocols. We will incorporate effective uses of technology with targeted training opportunities within multiple communication venues.
    1. Develop a protocol with procedures for communication that ensure all members of the College will receive the information essential for their effective work, study, or participation in campus processes.
    2. Provide effective campus navigational tools.
    3. Ensure that employees have necessary skills and information to channel incoming and disseminate outgoing information.
    4. Address our culture of communication to ensure openness, honesty, fairness, and transparency in order to cultivate trust and mutual respect.
  3. Oversight and Accountability: Improve relationships and connections with all stakeholders including campus constituencies, the district, and the student and business communities we serve.
    1. Develop and maintain a positive relationship between the District and College.
    2. Improve relationships between Campus constituencies by clarifying levels of accountability and responsibility for the good of the College.
    3. Align the 2012 Plan with the District's strategic initiatives and the Educational Master Plan. All planning reflects fiscal responsibility to ensure institutional survival.
    4. Strengthen community and business sector connections to achieve shared goals.
    5. Ensure that all departments and employees are informed regarding legal and regulatory mandates.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure effective and efficient use of available resources to meet the mission of the college.
    1. Ensure fiscal responsibility through optimal revenue-producing course scheduling, and increasing grants and collaborations.
    2. Ensure appropriate management of funds to support the College's mission.
  5. Facilities: Create a safe, attractive and well-maintained campus environment.
    1. Unite the staff and students in an effort to improve and enhance the campus facilities and environment.
    2. Establish a first point of contact and explanation of facilities' scheduling procedure.
    3. Develop a Preventative Master Plan for campus-wide pest control.
    4. Implement the Bakersfield College portion of the District Facilities master plan.
  6. Image: Enhance the image of Bakersfield College to external and internal audiences.
    1. Improve campus communication and information on marketing and outreach efforts.
    2. Develop streamlined and simplified online systems for students.
    3. Coordinate marketing efforts through a jointly developed marketing plan.
    4. Enhance image and relevance of college via an improved and expanded catalog of "real" student photography.
    5. Examine the branding of Bakersfield College.
    6. Develop wayfinding and signage system for the campus.
    7. Identify and energize alumni to support Bakersfield College.
  7. Linkages:Improve collaboration and integration by creating clear connections and enabling information-sharing between campus planning, assessment, program review, curriculum, and budget processes.
    1. Improve awareness of multilevel strategic and program initiatives and their interrelationships.
    2. Evaluate College Council's membership requirement and clarify its role in making recommendations to the President.
    3. Include programmatic and curricular changes in Unit Plan and Program Review documents to establish need for remodeling buildings.
    4. Improve awareness of how planning documents guide budget decisions.
  8. Other: Anything in here we know now in March/April 2009 that we didn't know back in 2007/08?

Should we come up with one goal from each stategic initiative and/or "Other"? Which should have priority for 2009-10? What should be the college goals for 2009/10? Let me (your college council rep) know by Thursday evening, April 2nd!


GET Bus terminal still future project. Baseball/Softball field almost done. Full report in Public Folders -> Bakersfield College -> College Council -> 08-09 College Council -> attachments. Here are the highlights and updates.

Campus Center water pipe repairs: A leak was discovered in our chilled water lines when we fired up our main plant, as the water pressure increased we experienced water coming up between the cracks or seems of the cement. We immediately dispatched a repair crew to find the source of the leak, but as of March 23rd it has been determined this repair is going to be quite extensive. Although the water came up in one location it now apparent (from our hole that has been dug) that our leak is closure to the building and not in the courtyard. We have stopped the digging so as to not completely impede foot traffic in and out of the cafeteria. We are looking at different solutions that will be less obtrusive, and will keep you posted as to when this project will be completed. It will have to be soon, the warm weather is coming.

Thermal Energy Storage project: for now the main activity will be on the West end of campus between the Library and Levinson Hall. The tank which is required to store our cold water will be built in place over the next couple of months. One of the first things that will be done is to dig a hole for the foundation so that the bottom of the tank is approximately 5 to 6 feet deep to allow our existing supply lines to be used. As we remove the soil from this location, it will be removed and stored in the old tennis court area. Those who use this lot to park in will have to park elsewhere during this phase of the project. In addition, the roadway behind the Library will be closed to through traffic. Once the truck activity is finished, the road will be opened. The tennis court lot however, will be open to parking once the tank and system are functional (mid summer).

Levan Center: the fencing is up and the construction trailers are in place to start the Levan Center Modernization Project. Progress is slow currently because we have asked for the demo to be done a later than planned---the demolition will happen during Spring Break. The demolition crews will get most of the demo done, but not all, there will be some minor details that will have to be addressed as the project progresses. Those in Business Ed and the Administration Buildings during Spring Break may see or hear activity along the North face of the Business Ed Building.


Still pretty grim. We will need to plan for a 5% cut in next year's budget. The cut would have been even larger (say, 10%) but we're using our reserves to keep the cut to 5%. Categoricals cuts will be 8%. This still assumes that all of the budget proposals on the May 19th special election are approved by the voters. We need to try to hold off any purchases another 12 to 18 months. The money we spend now will mean cuts in some other program later on. SO: can we wait to purchase that item we need? The Board of Trustees has a fiscally conservative but prudent plan to spend down the $24 million district reserves over the next several years to fund part of our shortfalls over the next several years. They do not see the state budget situation improving in a year or 18 months. With hindsight we can see that huge reserve the Board amassed when there was a lot more money coming in from state is what has saved us during this budget crisis from campus-wide layoffs in faculty, staff, and management. If the board had kept the reserves at the state-mandated minimum level, we would have had a lot of lay-offs (as is happening at other community colleges in the state).

There are also several million dollars in addition to the $24 million in the district account that is already allocated for mandatory payments (by state law) such as retiree benefits, etc. So, although the district has more than $24 million in cash on hand, "just" $24 million is what the district can use to try to fill the gaps. Individual colleges are able to keep their carry-over as part of the individual college reserves to try to smooth out budget gaps. With the usage of our reserves, we will need to plan for a 5% cut in next year's budget.

Note in advocating for/against budget proposals in the May 19th election: do not send emails from your campus email address & do not make calls from your office phone.

New information presented Wednesday, April 1st now says we need to plan for a 10% cut in next year's budget.

Winter Intersession Survey

We will distribute the survey within the next few weeks to find out if there's even an interest from the students. But we need to make it clear to the students taking the survey that the soonest an intersession could happen would be 2010/11. Still some question if such a survey would be valid. Would they be answering for/against the concept of an intersession in general or would they be answering for themselves? Would they be answering the survey based on their current needs for 2008/09 academic year or would they really be thinking ahead to 2010/11 (at the soonest)? Even if the students say "yes" to an intersession, could we actually offer it? Would the 2010/11 (at the soonest) students still feel the intersession was a good idea? These questions were raised but not answered.

Decision-Making Process at BC

There will be a group drawn from the campus at large that will create a draft of the decision-making process to be used at BC. The group will make improvements from college decision-making models from Moorpark College and Lassen Community College.

Next meetings

April 3rd at 8:30 to 10:30. We will discuss the College Goals, Renegade 2012/Action 2012, Accreditation and the budget.

April 17th 8:30 to 10:30, and May 8th 8:30 to 10:30.

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