College Council -- May 7, 2010

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Program Review

We heard from three departments, two of which we have the IEC appraisal and one that will come later.

Decision-Making Task Force

We got the results from the multiple-choice part of the decision making survey administered the previous week. The DMTF will be going through answers to the open-ended questions in the week after finals. About half of the 128 repondents DISagreed with the statement that BC's decision-making process is transparent, accountable, and inclusive. Most of the responses about the effectiveness o fthe decision-making processes are NOT positive. About half have visited the DMTF website while others have read the DMTF materials via emailed docs. The bright side of all of this is that they did fully expect such a dismal score on BC's decision making processes which is why the DMTF was formed. After they have created the docs about the current process (posted on the DMTF website), they will recommend ways to improve how decisions are made and communicated. The same survey will be given next year at the end of Spring 2011 to see if there has been any improvement.

Here is who is on the Decision-Making Task Force: Greg Chamberlain, John Gerhold, Michael McNellis, Sue Vaughn, Candice Sifuentes, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Mary Jane Johnson, Ann Morgan, and Dan O'Connor.

College Goals

Well, we didn't make the timeline goal of getting a survey out on the College Goals last week. The survey will come out during Finals week with a deadline of response the end of the week following finals. PLEASE take the brief amount of time to respond to the survey when it finally comes out. These college goals ARE used to guide where time and money are allocated.


No major update to the budget. It looks like the state's forecast for revenue made in January will be on the mark. Increased collections of state taxes in February and March gave hope that there would be more collected than projected in January but the April collections have been far below projections. So it looks like the usual late filers simply filed earlier than usual this year. The Governor releases the "May revise" budget on May 14th. We don't expect to see big cuts in community colleges beyond what we've already been planning for.

Greg Chamberlain distributed a spreadsheet of the cuts made by the district office in their operations (select the link to bring it up). The spreadsheet gives the 5%, 10%, and 15% cut scenarios (from the 09-10 budgets) just like each of the colleges had to develop in the first part of the year (we eventually settled on 10% cuts). Among the cuts at the 10% level include two Human Resources directors and one H.R. manager, 2.75 full-time equivalent Account Tech II's in Business Services at the district office, and 1.0 full-time equivalent in Business Services at BC. Note that the expenditures in this spreadsheet do not include such districtwide expenditures such as Banner, retirements, and other expenditures required by law. Also, not that these are the numbers as of the beginning of April just as the ones for the colleges were. Numbers will be firmed up at the June Board of Trustees meeting after the May revise has been announced.

Department/Dean Alignment

The two instructional deans listed as possible cuts in the org chart distributed at the March 5th meeting will NOT be cut. The STEM departments will continue under Dan O'Connor and the Health/PE will be permanently added to his area. Each dean will have a minimum of one support person plus a Department III person. Some deans might have more staff if they are in charge of special campuswide projects such as assessment, basic skill and VTEA. In the re-shuffling of departments, a primary concern was equitable full-time equivalent faculty because of the demands of faculty evaluations.

Effective July 1, here are the proposed Instructional Administrative Assignments for 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13

Collier Eydgahi O'Connor Ross Vacant Suderman
Nursing Agriculture Biology Academic Dev. Art Library
Rad Tech BMIT Math English Performing Arts Media Services
EMT EIT Physical Sciences ENSL Social Science IT
Med Science FACE (just the instructional programs, not the childcare center) Health/PE Foreign Lang./ASL Philosophy Extended Learning
Fire Tech Community Service/Contract Ed STEM   Behavioral Science Instructional sites/Delano Center
Clinical Staff Cooperative Work Experience/Internships MESA   Communication  
Grants VTEA   Basic Skills   Assessment

The departments in bold-face are ones permanently added to that dean's area. Although Patti Ross will have fewer departments under her, the FTEF in her area is about the same as that for the other deans and she will also be in charge of BC's work in Basic Skills. (No, we don't know when she will return to work.) The vacant dean position is currently being filled by Lynn Hall part-time. We will be looking for a full-time person for the position, preferably hired before the start of the Fall 2010 semester, so faculty will probably be asked to be on the screening committee during the summer. The instructional sites under Bonnie Suderman include: Arvin High School, Northwest Center, Stockdale High School, Westec, and the Weill. The childcare programs will continue to be handled districtwide.

Health Center/EOPS moves

The Student Health Center will be moving from its location on the bottom floor of the east side of the Student Services building to the space currently occupied by the EOPS department in the Campus Center (next to the Student Government offices and The Rip). EOPS and DSP&S will be housed together at a location in the Student Services building (specific location wasn't specified before the meeting had to end for the FCDC meeting).

Next meetings

Meetings during the summer will be on Friday mornings with dates TBD.

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