College Council -- May 8, 2009

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My thanks to Isabel Stierle for sitting in for me again and representing our area as I was unable to attend the May 8th meeting because of the Leadership Academy.

End of Academic Year Activities

College Goals -- Renegade 2012 / Action 2012

The Action 2012 Steering Committee (Committee on Strategic Initiatives = CSI) will be meeting on May 12th to review what has happened in the Strategic Initiative teams and will make a presentation to the College Council at the May 21st meeting. Consultant John Milburn gave a status report of the Action 2012 process. All seven initiative teams have reported their recommendations to the CSI. How much will be able to be done in light of the poor budget times? (Yeah, that's a plural!) Some things might be fulfilled but others will probably be delayed 3-5 years. CSI will prioritize the recommendations in terms of what needs to be addressed right away and what can wait.

The College Goals survey yielded quite a lot of input from the campus community. The survey goals task force will condense/collate the input down into more manageable pieces for the May 21st College Council meeting. Not sure how they will filter all of the input. Will they use the Board of Trustees and District goals (link to PDF) that focus on fiscal matters and policy or faculty goals that focus on education? Task force made up of Anna Agenjo, John Gerhold, Mildred Lovato, and Michael McNellis.

Another source of input in setting the goals will be the KCCD Balanced Scorecard (link to PDF on KCCD website) that gives a bunch of stats for the colleges and the district as a whole. Stats include percentage of graduating high school seniors who attend BC, fraction of adults in our service area who have ever attended BC, percent receiving financial aid, course success rates, persistence rates, basic skills improvement rates, transfer rates, number of transfers to UC, CSU, certificates and associates awarded, percent of target FTES, and FTES/FTEF for each academic year since 2001/02.

Facilities & Planning

For the most recent Facilities document updating you on what's happening construction-wise on campus, see the April 29th Facilities document posted on the Exchange Public Folders area (the link will take you to the specific document on the Outlook Webserver---you will need to login to the Exchange server using your usual Outlook Web access codes). It is a Word document that will be downloaded to your computer. If for some reason, it doesn't download properly, here's the path to it on the public folders: Public Folders : Bakersfield College : College Council : 08-09 College Council : attachments (and select "Attachments for 5.8.09" link).

Levan Center and TES projects are underway. SAM modernization approval by the state is still not completed. Any groundbreaking for the SAM modernization would occur in summer 2011 at the soonest.


Mary Jane Johnson, who sets the class schedules, will be out for surgery for 4 weeks. Sue Vaughn and Linda Allday will volunteer to take Mary Jane's place while she's recovering.


Gets worse each time we hear about it. Now looking to cut 13% and possibly (probably?) more if the propositions in the May 19th special do not pass. KCCD share of statewide community college shortfall is $12.6 million at a minimum (tack on another at least $1.4 million if the propositions fail). The California Community Colleges will NOT get any of the federal stimulus funds directed toward education. We'll be dealing with the cuts by reducing numbers of sections, maximizing the money we can carry forward to next year, reducing expenditures on equipment and advertising as much as possible. Although it was thought at the time of the meeting that there would be no layoffs, the May Revise released by the Governor's office on May 14th gave a very grim scenario if the propositions don't pass that would definitely mean layoffs in the 2010/11 fiscal year.

Greg Chamberlain and the Administrative team have developed a plan for the 10% cuts but it is not fixed in stone yet. We are supposed to get the criteria the Admin Council used for the 10% cuts as well as what cuts were actually made. Faculty were not involved (at least in some areas) in the development of the 10% cuts. A strong request was made to involve the faculty more as we prepare for even more cuts, so be looking in your email during the summer for opportunities to provide input.

Our enrollment for 2009/10 has skyrocketed over the numbers we had at this same date in last year's registration period: 18% over last summer's enrollment and 30.46% over last fall's enrollment. Not sure how many students we'll be turning away because we're not getting funded for growth.

The state budget deficit is now $15.4 billion over the next 14 months that could grow to $21.3 billion if the propositions don't pass. KCCD will focus on the core mission of community colleges: providing general education, degree preparation, career and technical education, and basic skills education. Big cuts will be made in DSP&S, EOP&S and other categorical programs. The state is allowing colleges to use categorical funds to meet local needs. The community colleges are getting a bigger proportion of the cuts than K12, CSU, UCs and those three will be getting federal stimulus funds.


The Mid-Term Report will be ready two to three weeks later than time hoped for at the last meeting. Our time to review the report is during the summer: late May or early June, so check your campus email during the summer.

There are a number of areas that our college has to address and complete! The list available at our IRP site (link to PDF document) is three pages long.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

An interim vice president will handle the Instructional side of the house while a national search is made for a replacement for Ed Knudson. The interim will not be eligible for the permanent decision. An executive hiring firm will be used to find the new vice president as history has shown that more success is achieved with an executive head hunter than without. It was announced later that Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg will be the interim. Lynne Hall will come back from retirement to handle Nan's dean duties during the interim.

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Next meetings

May 21st 8:30 to 10:30, June 18th 8:30 to 10:30, July 16th 8:30 to 10:30. For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week.

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