College Council -- May 20, 2011

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College Goals

The group working on the draft of the 2011-12 college goals interviewed two more focus groups and used last year's goals and the district strategic plan to come up with a draft for College Council to tweak and approve at the May 20th meeting. The focus groups covered all groups of employees (classified, faculty, & administration) and students. The adopted goals are similar to last year's. Keep in mind that these goals are meant to be sufficiently broad that individual committees, departments, and other college groups can use them to create their own goals that can be measured-assessed. Here is what I understand to be the wording of the goals:

  1. Student Excellence
    Develop and implement prerequisite, placement, and retention strategies in order to improve student success. Continue to encourage student excellent by addressing basic skills in all levels of academic and student services.

  2. Communication
    Foster an environment of expanded awareness emphasizing collaboration, consultation, and communication within the college and with external constituents.

  3. Oversight & Accountability
    Provide annual training to collegewide committees, departments, programs, and staff/student organizations to ensure the college shared-governance structure operates effectively.

  4. Fiscal Responsibility
    Adopt, implement, and evaluate a budget deelopment process that maximizes transparency.

  5. Facilities
    Implement strategies for effective maintenance and beautifucation of existing and future college facilities that support programs and services.

  6. Image
    Create an environment where all staff and students can effectively serve as ambassadors to market the strengths of the college.

  7. Linkages
    Improve the alignment of college goals with the district strategic goals.

Assess, share and report to the college community progress on each of the goals.


The Governor's May Revise puts us in a better spot than the "doomsday" scenario and there are no changes in policies or elimination of state agencies that interact with the community college system at least. We will be operating under the "worst case" scenario that we have already implemented (the "doomsday" one would have required further cuts to next fiscal year's budget). One point of concern is that the state leaders are not sure why tax revenues are higher than their projections (by about $6 billion). The Governor is still looking at tax extensions on either the November ballot or through legislative approval. The temporary income tax hike has already expired so a state income tax extension would not be part of the tax extension proposal. For more on the May Revise, see the joint Chancellor's Office-CC League May Revise webinar.

More particulars for the college include:

Budget Committee Criteria

Here's the latest draft of the criteria.

May 25, 2011 draft

With the goal of maintaining quality programs and services in all administrative, instructional, and student support areas, those making budget recommendations and decisions will use data and the following criteria.  All budget decision-makers will communicate their decisions and the rationale with the sector of the college community they oversee.  The rationale will address the identified criteria and data used. 

Statements and questions included in the discussion of each criterion are intended as a general framework rather than an exhaustive list.

Next meetings

July 15 at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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