College Council -- May 21, 2009

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College Goals

No CSI report was given for the Action 2012 initiatives. Instead we focused on College goals and the budget.

The College Goals survey yielded quite a lot of input from the campus community. The survey goals task force condensed/collated the input down into more manageable pieces and then the council discussed the meaning behind the particular goals language and fine-tuned the language even more. Here they are:

  1. Student Excellence: Research various prerequisites, assessment testing, placement, and retention methods to improve student success.
  2. Communication: Develop a protocol with procedures and training that ensures all College constituents will receive and use the information essential for their work, study or participation in campus processes.
  3. Oversight & Accountability: Establish mechanisms and training that ensure employees understand their role in the college and the concept of accountability, both individually and collectively, a positive expression of which is "Renegade pride" (doing one's job to the best of one's ability and holding oneself accountable to one's actions).
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Create and adopt a Bakersfield College campus-wise budget development process that maximizes transparency, which includes an evaluation of that process.
  5. Facilities: Develop and implement strategies for effective maintenance and beautification of the campus.
  6. Image: Identify and support specific projects, activities and programs that enhance the college's reputation within the institution and in the community.
  7. Linkages: Create a document that clearly outlines how decisions are made.


Big cuts in store for us this year and next because of the failure of any of the state budget propositions of the May 19th election. In addition the Governor will cut an additional $5.5 billion in the state budget rather than borrowing that money via so-called "revenue anticipated warrants (RAWs)" and he originally proposed in his May 14th press conference. The California Community Colleges have NOT been identified to get any of the federal stimulus funds directed toward education so far. However, there is still some of the federal stimulus dollars that has not been allocated yet, so the community colleges will be scrambling (along with everyone else) to get some of that money. One significant change is the proposal to increase student fees to $60/unit. Also, as part of the $5.5 billion additional cut, the entire Cal Grant program has been eliminated from the Governor's budget.

Greg Chamberlain and the Administrative team have developed a plan for 10% cuts in the GU01 resources but it is not fixed in stone yet. The criteria the Admin Council used for the 10% cuts is given below---something similar will be used to guide further cuts. We got a list of what was proposed to be cut in the 10% plan BUT that plan identified only 9.3% in cuts and savings from carryovers (and it is still tentative). Our carryovers are going to be smaller than what that plan was using. We will get the revised percentage cut value from Tom Burke after the Governor releases the final May revise on May 28th. It is going to be more than the initial target of 10% and more than the 13% cuts mentioned in my previous report. We did not discuss the criteria for determining the cuts that will have to be made.

Link to Budget Suggestions from the campus for how to be more thrifty (in the College Council public folders so you'll need to login to Outlook Web before the document appears in your browser window).

Also note that the 10% cut plan covers just the GU01 funds only---the categoricals are going to take much deeper cuts except for CalWORKS, Student Financial Aid Administration, and Telecommunications and Technology. Other categoricals will see cuts of 14.7% in 08/09 and 57.2% in 09/10 in state funding. Colleges will be given some flexibility in using some GU01 funds for the categoricals, especially those categoricals that are mandated by state/federal law.

Link to the May 21st version of the Governors cuts to the Community College programs. (PDF)

Budget Priorities

Link to Word version in Public Folders (login to Outlook to download it)

Community Needs



Next meetings

June 18th 8:30 to 10:30, July 16th 8:30 to 10:30. For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week.

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