College Council -- November 1, 2013

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Busy Week!

It has been a busy but very satisfying week of big events at Bakersfield College. Last Friday evening, 427 people attended the Centennial Gala held at the Gil Bishop Sports Center. We were hoping for 350 people, so it was a good surprise that way more than that came out to support the college. The evening included an auction that raised over $22,500. Clearly, there is support for the college from the community. On Monday the team from our accrediting body ACCJC visited the campus and cleared us of ALL recommendations, i.e., we have implemented all of the recommendations to their satisfaction. That is a feat unheard of in the accreditation world, so we have a right to feel proud of what we've accomplished at BC.

On Thursday we had over 160 people pack into the Levan Center for the "Points of Origin" data summit and over 410 people watch the events via web streaming. Twitter was full of tweets and the RP Group (a statewide organization for research and planning for California community colleges) was retweeting the posts. The national organization Lumina Foundation also tuned in to the conference.

This Friday morning, our national and state legislators were on campus for the Central Valley Legislative Forum, hosted by the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. Congressman David Valadao, Senator Jean Fuller and Assembly Members Rudy Salas and Shannon Grove were hand to talk about any issues of concern to Kern County. One of the issues brought up just before College Council started was water. Water will have the single greatest impact on people's lives in the Central Valley in the future (or already is) because of our already unsustainable usage of it with an increasing population living in a place that will become even drier in the coming decades as the climate changes. Our CTE area is already gearing up for new courses and certificates in many areas of water management in response.

After the business meeting, College Council adjourned to go to the "Welcome Home: Veterans on Campus" training in Forum East from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This free training is sponsored by the California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program and supported by the California Mental Health Services Authority and Mental Health Service Act. It was an excellent workshop on the issues facing our veterans as they transition to civilian life and community colleges play a crucial role in making that transition.

Collegewide Reorganization

The Reorg task force still has a number of unanswered questions and things to research so the deadline for presentation to College Council was extended to November 15th. Some of the things to work on include: 1) they need more details of what happens once they bring their proposals to College Council; 2) Laura Lorigo is still working on the fiscal impact of the various options; 3) they need to put in more specifics in the org charts; and 4) the pros and cons of the three options are still being developed. Consultant Pat Caldwell will create the report using the content from the task force.

KCCD Decision-Making Document

The group that is looking at how we should evaluate the KCCD Elements of Decision Making Document has created a summary of the key components of the document (select the link to download the Word doc summary). This is the first step the study process. We'll review this and then figure out where the gaps between the document and reality exist as well as the strong and weak points of the district processes.

Next meeting

Next College Council meeting will be November 15, 2013.

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