College Council -- November 4, 2011

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Jennifer Jett (English faculty) will be the self-study report editor. All of the committees working on the standards are supposed to have their drafts turned in by November 10th. Jett will work on putting all of the committee drafts into a single, cohesive whole with one format and one voice over the winter break. The campus should have her draft for review in February. The report has to go to the Board of Trustees sometime in the spring (May or June) before it is sent off to ACCJC, our accrediting agency.

Integrated Collegewide Planning

Not much discussion this time on this item, but one tidbit of information is that all of this fall's Annual Program Review reports are now uploaded in the Bakersfield College -> APRC public folder (link will take you right to that public folder after you login to Outlook Web).


At the fall meeting of the Association of Chief Business Officials for the California Community Colleges (ACBO), the latest estimates for the projected deficit for 2012-13 fiscal year which starts July 1, 2012 will be between $3 billion to $10 billion. The wide range is due to a number of lawsuits filed in response to last year's Budget Act alleging that some of the cuts in the legislation were illegal. If all of the lawsuits are won in favor of the plaintiffs, then the deficit will be $10 billion. If all of the lawsuits are won in favor of the state, the deficit will be $3 billion. Projections for this year's revenue is that all of the "triggers" of additional cuts in the Budget Act will be pulled. We (KCCD) had already planned for those cuts to happen so we do not expect any mid-year cuts in our budget. One new piece of news about the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) that is a change since my previous report, is that now we're expecting the FON to remain frozen at 372.8 for KCCD for next year, so we'll be hiring just for replacements plus another two faculty positions somewhere in the district so that we have some cushion in case the faculty searches do not find qualified people who agree to come to KCCD. Bakersfield College needs five replacements as of now: TG Thomas (Biological Sciences), Skip Hill (Counseling/DSPS), Natalie Bursztyn (Physical Science), Ralph Cazares (Behavioral Science), and Michele Bresso (Communication).

Student Success

Discussion this time focussed on the California Community College Board of Governor’s Student Success Task Force draft of recommendations to improve student success in the California community colleges. These recommendations will have far-reaching effects across the state and will significantly affect future state funding priorities so make sure you look them over and give feedback either online or in person to the statewide task force members. A new Student Success section of the College Council website has a copy of the draft of the recommendations, a link to the online feedback, and a schedule of the face-to-face meetings happening across the state. Some college districts have made official recommendations for adopting the recommendations in whole or in part but most like KCCD have not.


Next month we go out for bids on the SAM remodeling project with possible start date of December 2011 but more probably January 2012. Bids are out for two weeks and then construction begins six weeks after bids are closed. Expected to be a 18-month project with June 2014 move-in (completion) date. No GUI (general fund) dollars are being used for the SAM remodel. A different pot of state money is used for construction projects and this one was approved by the state YEARS ago before the economy downturn. GET terminal expected to be finished by January 17, 2012 (start of spring semester). Not much going on now with the GET terminal because some materials had to be back-ordered. No GUI or any state dollars are being used for the GET terminal—GET is paying for it.

Decision Making Document Evaluation

A taskforce is being formed to evaluate the Decision Making Document (DMD) this semester. Does the DMD clearly explain to you how decisions are made on collegewide matters? If you are on the Senate or on a committee, does the DMD accurately describe your committee's charge and how it works? What else should be in the DMD to show you how decisions on collegewide matters are made? [One thing I think it needs is some sort of flowchart showing how the Annual Program Review is used to make decisions affecting faculty hiring, department supply budgets, etc.]

Student Loans

Well, by now you've probably read the front-page story in Sunday's Californian about the students who take financial aid money and run. Joan Wegner from Financial Aid came to give us some numbers about financial aid but we still don't know how many students are filling up seats to just get a financial aid check. Bakersfield College participates in the Federal Student Loan program. Cerro Coso stopped participating in the program in 2010 mid-year and Porterville has not participated in the program for over twenty years. It looks like Bakersfield College will get out of the loan program by next school year. When the student loan default rate at an institution rises above a certain level, the institution loses the ability to give any federal student aid, including Pell Grants. The threshold level for losing federal student aid a couple of years ago was an already exceedingly high rate of 25% but this year was raised to something like 30%.

During 2006-2011, BC saw a 82% growth in loans while the Financial Aid office saw cuts in staff. In 2008, the default rate on loans was 13.9% and in 2009 (the last year we have official data), the default rate was 18.9%. The estimated default rate on loans for 2010 is projected to be 21.9% and that for 2011, between 22-23%. BC canNOT deny a loan unless there's a lot of documentation (financial records outside of BC) showing the student shouldn't get a loan. In other words, pretty much everyone qualifies to get a student loan. We used to work with banks on getting the student loans, but now we do direct lending with the U.S. Department of Education. With staff cutbacks over the years, we don't have the capability to follow-up on students who haven't repaid their loans. It is now planned that we'll be out of the lending business by next school year and that will free up staff time to do more follow-up on students who haven't repaid their loans.

Very few students completely withdraw after receiving their financial aid checks. The second (and final) financial aid check was disbursed on October 14th (middle of week 8 in the semester). Don't have the data for the number of students who dropped below the 12-unit threshold for financial aid (but not completely dropped) after they got their October 14th check.

Maximum amount of a Pell Grant is $5500/year and the U.S. Department of Education decides how much a student receives (i.e., the size of the Pell Grant). BC students use the grant to pay for living expenses while they're in school since a number are already on B.O.G. waivers and don't have to pay tuition fees.

Parking Fees

Movement is underway to increase student semester parking fees from the current $30/semester and to raise the daily parking permit that has been at just $1/day for many years. State regulations allow us to charge up to $50/semester for student parking. No limits on daily parking permits. The parking fee goes to resurfacing and restriping the lots, new parking lot lights, parking enforcement, security cameras, etc. There is also serious discussion about charging staff for parking. How much I do not know. I have expressed my personal opinion that I do not forsee faculty having a problem with being charged for parking (since it is a common thing at other colleges), BUT there will be a big outcry and serious discontent if there is not better enforcement of staff parking than there is now when we go to staff parking fees.

Other Things

Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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