College Council -- November 6, 2009

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There was no meeting on October 23rd.

Decision Making Task Force

The Decision Making Task Force (DMTF) has released a document showing the general flow of decisions at the college that is copied below. Select the link to bring up the PDF version that will print sharper. Later this month, they'll release the "glossary" of terms, committee descriptions, relevant sections of Ed code, 10+1 areas of responsibility for the Academic Senate, what "rely primarily upon" means, etc. Things still to be figured out are what things are part of the governance process (committees, task forces, etc.) and which things are not (i.e., can be decided by administration or support staff without consultation with faculty).

On a related matter, Greg Chamberlain said that a formal response will come from the president on any recommendations made by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee on a department's program review document as a way to "close the loop" on the program review process.

BC's decision making flowchart

Bakersfield College Participatory Governance Philosophy

Bakersfield College values an open and reflective participatory governance process where our collective commitment to meeting student and community needs drives our decisions. By participatory governance, we mean that all constituent groups will be given the opportunity to participate effectively in all areas where they are significantly affected, in a manner that is consistent with Education Code, Title 5, and Board Policy. This process is dependent upon establishing clear lines of communication before and after decisions are made, using qualitative and quantitative data when providing recommendations or input, and demonstrating respect and civility in discourse.


The TES tank is still being fine-tuned. Still waiting on final DSA approval/sign-off on the softball field. Levan Center is on schedule. SAM building remodel has been approved by DSA.

The Board of Trustees approved the contract with SunPower Corp. to build a one-megawatt photo-voltaic energy system (solar power) on the northeast parking lot of the campus. It will be constructed on an elevated platform so that cars will be able to park underneath (in the shade!). The solar power field will provide about 1/3rd of our electricity during the day. The system will track the Sun to boost efficiency by 25%. The system will last over 25 years and is expected to pay back for itself in at most 15 years (probably in less time if power rates increase more than Tom Burke's conservative estimate).

The solar field will enable us to meet upon construction the state mandate for institutions to reduce their carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. Cost is $8.461 million and we will get some rebates from PG&E of up to 1/3rd the cost of the system. Cost includes 10-year maintenance/warranty contract.The northeast lot was chosen to minimize vandalism (more activity in NE lot would make it harder for vandals to do their mischief unnoticed) and neighbor issues.

The NE parking lot will go offline on May 24th for two months. After the panels are installed and the lot is re-opened for use, there will still need to be work done installing the inverters and connecting to the campus grid and PG&E's grid with a final date in October for the system going online. Below are some photos of the architect's renderings (select the images to bring up a larger image).


The footprint of the solar field on the NE parking lot.

view from above

View from above the parking lot.

view on the ground looking north

View from the ground looking north toward Panorama Drive.

Ground view 2

Ground view looking back toward campus.

Frame from flyover video

Frame from flyover of 3D model (links to TIFF image)

frame from flyover of solar field

Frame from flyover of 3D model (links to TIFF image)

Link to zip file of movie showing solar field at BC from SunPower

Link to Windows Movie Viewer file (.wmv) showing solar field at BC from SunPower

Vocabulary that will be used in future construction projects (such as remodeling Speech Arts Music, Student Services, Fine Arts):

Swing space = where people, classes are placed while offices, classrooms are under remodel/construction. The basement of Language Arts will be our swing space for the next 10-25 years at least. Materials currently stored in the LA basement will be moved to the Logistics building (see below).

Logistics building = where the materials now in the LA basement and other materials will be stored from now on. It takes about four months to construct one of these storage units and it does not have to go through the lengthy D.S.A. process as students will not be using the space. It will have a fence around it and sufficient space between the fence and building that no one can jump from the fence to the building itself. It will bea 50 feet wide x 90 feet long x 24 feet tall building aligned north-south on the grounds next to the old tennis courts. It will be constructed sometime in 2010. Materials from LA basement will be moved in 2011 and the soonest that SAM remodeling can happen is 2012.


The state is about $3 billion in the hole and the deficit might get bigger. In addition to the mid-year cuts announced at the beginning of the school year, we need to identify 10% in further cuts to the 2010-11 GUI budget. This is about $7 million for BC. We are going to see cuts in services and staff. We will not be doing across the board cuts---some programs will be cut more than others. We might see elimination of entire programs. Along with identifying where the cuts are going to be made, we will need to document the effects of the proposed cuts.

Some other disturbing things relayed at college council is that ARRA funds (federal stimulus) have to be counted as GUI so those dollars count against us in the 50% law calculation. Also, the use of college/district reserves to backfill the huge cuts in categorical funds this year also count against us in the 50% law calculation. There is some movement (not sure how much) at the state level to change the 50% law rules so that the use of ARRA and/or reserves won't count against a college/district but right now we have to operate within these bizarre rules. Right now the district's 50% law calculation has the district at exactly 50.00% so there is no wiggle room.

The budget task force consisting of faculty (John Gerhold, Lynn Krause, Kate Pluta, Kris Toler, and myself), administration (Greg Chamberlain, LaMont Schiers, Mildred Lavato, Nan Gomez Heitzeberg) and a classified rep (Debbie Rapp or Patti Rapp??) will be tasked with identifying the mid-year and 2010-11 cuts. The first budget task force meeting is Monday, November 9th and will probably meet every other week.

Link to 2009-2010 Budget Summary for Bakersfield College (promised at our September meeting) (Excel spreadsheet)

(shows where the cuts were made at the start of the current fiscal year)

Full KCCD Budget including details for colleges + district office (10.6 MB PDF)

Here is the budget update notice that Tom Burke shared at the October 27th Consultation Council (district-wide committee) meeting.

2009-2010 Budget Update

The State of California's tax revenues continue to decline. Currently about a $1.0 billion below levels projected in the 2009-10 State Budget; thus mid-year reductions are inevitable and will include impacts to the Community College System. All operations are developing revised budget plans (3% to 5% changes) to meet these potential mid-year reductions. Included in these plans are the utilization of unallocated ongoing revenues of approximately $4 million to help offset any mid-year reductions to our revenues from the State.

KCCD is anticipating the 2010-11 budget year to be worse than this year. State revenues are projected to decline by as much as $11 billion in 2010-11 due primarily to the effect of the major one-time revenues associated with the Federal ARRA funding distributed in 2009-10 and the expiration in January 2011 of the 1% sales tax [hike]. All KCCD operations have been asked to identify by January 2010 another 10% in operating reductions.

The expiration of the temporary 1% sales tax in the mid-part of 2010-11 will mean another $5 billion revenue shortfall in 2011-12. The projected impact to KCCD of the changes above is projected to be $16 million in State revenue reductions over the next 12 to 24 months.

Accreditation 2012

The task force that will decide our self-study process will meet in December.

Consultation Council Report

Greg Chamberlain shared the agenda of the October Consultation Council meeting with us. This is the district-wide committee of people from classified (including union reps), faculty (senate presidents + union reps) and administrative areas (including college presidents + vice-chancellors) that meet with the chancellor once a month. Items from that meeting that haven't already been mentioned above include:

Chancellor's Open Forum

Our chancellor, Sandra Serrano, will hold an open forum for the BC community on November 30th from 11:30 to 1 PM (I think it will also be in the Fireside room).

Board of Trustees Goals for 2010

Reminder: Send Sandra Serrano suggestions for what the year 2010 Board of Trustees goals should be by November 15th. The Board of Trustees will take the suggestions from Sandra and others they have received from the community and discuss them at their annual January retreat. The goals will be finalized at that January retreat. November 15th is the deadline for input.

Next meetings

For year 2009/10, meetings will be on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 8:30 to 10:30 unless it is a holiday or finals week. Next meeting is November 20th.

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