College Council -- November 15, 2013

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It was another shorter business meeting of just a couple of major items. After the business meeting, College Council adjourned to go to the Special Joint Work Session of the College Council, FCDC, and Administrative Council on serving our disabled students through the Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) program from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Gaeir Dietrich, the Director of the CCCCO's High Tech Center, presented an overview of federal law on accomodation (section 504) and accessibility (section 508) that we must keep in mind as we seek to give all of our students equal opportunity to succeed. A re-ordered version of the slides she presented are posted on the HTC website (select the link to download a PDF to your computer).

Collegewide Reorganization

The Reorg task force presented the final versions of their three proposals. For all of the proposals, the key guiding principles were to create workload equity for the administrators and increase collaboration across the areas. The org charts we looked at were of just of the administrative level but the November 14th proposal draft's narrative does not contains all the information about where the departments fit in yet, but the December 6th final draft will contain that information. The document is a substantial piece of work and it explains the history and rationale leading up to the study (including past org charts with financial impact calculations) and the research the task force did along with their final proposals. The new proposed org charts start on page 14 of the document.

With the increasing number of tasks including required compliance tasks mandated by the state and federal government that we must do and the fewer number of people available to handle the tasks, burn-out leading to frequent turn over of our administrators is a very real concern. All three of the proposals have several new administrative positions. With each org chart, you'll see the financial impact of the administrator salaries (classified staff NOT included) in the lower right corner box. Our current structure's general fund total (GUI) at the administrative level is $2,448,214 with 23 FTE (see page 12 of the Reorg report. Amounts in salaries and benefits for the three proposals range from $3.1 million to $3.5 million. Unfortunately, the budget increase is all on the wrong side of the 50% law which states that at least 50% of a district's general fund income from the state must be spent directly on instruction (i.e., classroom faculty). Since general fund money is allocated by district, we need to have less than 50% spent on non-instructional areas at the college to compensate for the non-instructional costs of the district-level administration. All three proposals see the increase in administrators occurring over a few years. President Christian will probably create a hybrid of the three proposals.

Feedback on the options and any other aspect of the reorg is due by Tuesday, November 26th.

Decision-Making Document

College Council approved the ISIT committee charge (finally!).


Next meeting

Next College Council meeting will be December 6, 2013.

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