College Council -- October 4, 2013

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Collegewide Reorganization

The Reorg task force is working on developing three options for the administrative structure of the college to be finished by the beginning of November. They will be focussing on the instructional and administrative services (finance + facilities) areas, not Student Services. The Student Services re-org is pretty much finished and positions are being advertised. We are in the process of doing reference checks on the Vice-President of Finance and Administration. See my September 20th report for why the Student Services reorg already happened and why the VP Finance/Admin position is already being filled. The Reorg task force has a website that they update frequently. The website has the past BC org charts back to 1988 (there are three in 2013 alone!) and org structures at other colleges. There will be focus groups and open forums. The first one is Tuesday, October 8th at 4-5 PM in Forum West---see the Reorg task force website for the dates of the focus groups and open forums. At each of the meetings the following questions will be posed:

  1. What are the key institutional issues/needs?
  2. What are the strengths of Bakersfield College?
  3. In what areas can Bakersfield College be more innovative?

The task force will be keeping College Council informed of what they have found up to that point of the meeting and the council will provide guidance as needed. Any concerns or questions, please contact the chairs of the Reorg task force or send them to me for me to present to College Council. Members of the Reorg task force include:

Pam Boyles, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Jennifer Marden

Bernadette Martinez (Counseling), Heather Skibinski (Financial Aid), Connie Gonzales (MESA)

Faculty (College Council Representatives)
Ann Tatum (Basic Skills, English, ESL, & Math), Brent Damron (Faculty Chairs), Alice Desilagua (Student Services), John Giertz (Arts & Humanities)

Todd Coston (IT, Admin Services, Professional Development), Leah Carter (CTE), Sue Vaughn (Student Affairs)

Travis Tillis, SGA President

Budget Analyst
Laura Lorigo (serves on the taskforce to provide the fiscal impacts of the various reorg options)

Pat Caldwell

KCCD Staff Diversity Plan

A couple of concerns from our college Equal Opportunity Diversity Advisory Committee (EODAC) with the KCCD Staff Diversity "Plan" (it's really just a report) are:

  1. Clarification on what is the "Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee" and who is the "Equal Employment Opportunity Officer" mentioned in the report.
  2. It should be explicitly stated in the KCCD Staff Diversity Plan that the colleges have the freedom to create their own diversity plans within the bounds of the KCCD plan.

After some discussion of strategies, it was decided to move forward on concern #1 and to approach concern #2 in the form of not seeking the district's formal approval of having our own diversity plan but instead simply acknowledge the KCCD plan as a sort of umbrella and create an actual plan for the college. If we pushed concern #2 with the district, they might feel pressured to create a single, cookie-cutter actual plan that all of the colleges would have to follow.

Decision-Making Documents

The Bakersfield College Decision-Making Document was finalized in November 2010 and the KCCD Elements of Decision Making Document followed in April 2012. The question about both documents is "Is it really working?" Do people use it? What can be improved in the documents or needs to be changed to reflect current realities? A task force from College Council is going to look at the KCCD plan to see how it is being used and if it is useful. The BC DMD (how's that for acronym soup?) is posted on the college committee website under the Strategic Planning section. Currently, it is a single PDF that can't be edited easily as committees change charges, membership, etc. We'll look at dividing the single document into a series of web pages for the various sections of the report.

Eventually, it would be nice to have a set of flowcharts posted there that anyone could reference to track how a request they make or idea they have moves from the start to implementation phase. For example, a faculty member makes a request for a computer. To whom do they make the request? What form do they use? To which committee(s) and/or admin department(s) does the request go? How is the decision made to grant the request or not? If the request is granted, who is responsible to getting+installing the computer? How long does it (usually) take in each of those steps? What is calendar of those steps in the process?

Achieving the Dream Data Team

Manny Mourtzanos and Michael McNellis shared the vision and goals of the BC Data Team (select the link to view their presentation). The vision is to bring research and practice together at Bakersfield College using student data we currently have and the analytical tools we'll get from the Achieving the Dream program (select the link to view BC's ATD work so far). Long-term goals include:

Realizing that this will take a few years (at least) to achieve, their short-term goals for this academic year include:

There will be two data summits this year. The first is an all-day affair on October 31, 2013 from 8AM to 4 PM with breakfast and lunch provided in either the Fireside Room or the Cafeteria. All faculty from the three colleges and Taft, student affairs people, the Administrative Council, selected classified staff, and John Nixon and Ron Head from ATD are invited to attend. Dr. Rob Johnstone and Dr. Patrick Perry are the keynote speakers and there will be two breakout sessions time slots. The schedule of events for the October 31st data summit is posted on the College Council website. The second data summit will be on March 14, 2014.

The main difficulty the Data Team has encountered is getting faculty involvement due to class schedules---plenty of faculty are interested, but class schedules make it difficult to find intersections of free time availability. If interested in becoming a data coach, contact either Manny Mourtzanos or Michael McNellis.

Items for District Consultation Council

After a long hiatus, the District Consultation Council will be meeting on October 22nd. This brings together reps from the various employee groups from across the district to discuss districtwide matters with the chancellor. Among the items BC will bring forward include the Proposed Policy 4B3 Distance Education, Tobacco Free Campus, program review of district services, the KCCD Staff Diversity Plan, and the Wellness Requirement for graduation that used to be part of Board Policy (it was dropped from Board Policy without going through the full vetting processes at the colleges).

I reported on the 4B3 Distance Education policy in my previous report. Another recommendation from the Academic Senate is to drop the 5b option given in the policy ("Use a plagiarism detection tool to prevent plagiarism") since departments at BC have no institution-funded access/subscription to plagiarism detection tools, unlike Cerro Coso and Porterville which do pay for their faculty to access those tools.


Next meeting

Next College Council meeting will be October 18, 2013.

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