College Council -- October 18, 2013

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Collegewide Reorganization

The Reorg task force continues to work on developing three options for the administrative structure of the college to be finished by the beginning of November. Two of the guiding principles behind each of the options was to increase collaboration among all of the areas, especially the instructional areas, and to create an equitable work load among the various managers. Each of the three work groups of the task force shared their PRELIMINARY options for how to re-do the administrative structure at Bakersfield College. While the original intent was to focus on the instructional and administrative services (finance + facilities) areas and not Student Services, two of the groups also made some changes to the Student Services as well. Select this link to see the College Council presentation slides. In all of the options, there are new management positions and the task force teams are expecting that the positions would be hired over many months. Also, the chosen structure will very likely be tweaked as we find out what works and what needs to be adjusted in the coming months. The final results (the three options) from the task force will be presented at the November 1st meeting of College Council and after that Sonya Christian will choose one of the options or develop a hybrid of two or three. By the November 15th meeting, I expect we'll know what the new organization structure will be.

There's still time to give your input to the task force! Members of the Reorg task force include:

Pam Boyles, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Jennifer Marden

Bernadette Martinez (Counseling), Heather Skibinski (Financial Aid), Connie Gonzales (MESA)

Faculty (College Council Representatives)
Ann Tatum (Basic Skills, English, ESL, & Math), Brent Damron (Faculty Chairs), Alice Desilagua (Student Services), John Giertz (Arts & Humanities)

Todd Coston (IT, Admin Services, Professional Development), Leah Carter (CTE), Sue Vaughn (Student Affairs)

Travis Tillis, SGA President

Budget Analyst
Laura Lorigo (serves on the taskforce to provide the fiscal impacts of the various reorg options)

Pat Caldwell

One other piece of news related to our organizational structure is that Sonya decided to not make a hire from our latest search for a vice-president of finance and administration. She will be handling that position's duties as she explores other options in finding qualified people willing to take the position. Doing those duties will mean that her other duties as president will be affected. She will have some temporary help from Mike Hill, who was CFO at a college district in northern California and also was a key player in the development of the state's allocation model. He will be working only on the finance side. [If any of you know who Mike Hill is, please let me know so I can update this report for the rest of our area.] Then in January, Sue Johnson, will be our interim vice-president of finance and administration. I think this Sue Johnson is the one who retired as vice chancellor of business and administrative services for the Ventura County Community College District.

KCCD Staff Diversity Plan

We reaffirmed the decision from the October 4th meeting to seek clarification on what is the "Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee" and who is the "Equal Employment Opportunity Officer" mentioned in the KCCD Staff Diversity "Plan" and to create an actual working plan for the college.

Decision-Making Documents

A group was formed to look at how we should evaluate the KCCD Elements of Decision Making Document. For the Bakersfield College Decision-Making Document we considered the revised charges of several committees. The council decided that only the new charges for the Co-Chairs, Curriculum Committee, and the Scholarship Committee were ready for approval. The Co-Chairs charge was a new charge since last year, Curriculum Committee's revision was just a change in its membership, and the Scholarship Committee's revision was also a change in its membership section as well.

There had been concerned expressed at the Academic Senate meeting this past week that the revised charge document for the Scholarship Committee had not been properly vetted at the committee this semester. However, when we found out that the revised charge document was from discussions the Scholarship Committee had last spring (so it had been vetted then), the council decided to approve the new charge document.

Approval of ISIT's new charge document was deferred until the November 1st meeting because of a question raised about the title of the faculty lead of technology, innovation, and professional development position. Technology assessment has been added to the ISIT's charge and person who will be working on "Technology, Innovation, and Professional Development" (TIPD) has been added as an ex officio member. After a short discussion between myself (ISIT faculty co-chair), Sonya Christian, and Todd Coston (ISIT admin co-chair) following College Council, we concluded that the position of TIPD person (Bill Moseley is currently doing this with 0.4 release time) should actually be titled "Faculty LEAD of TIPD". With that proper titling of the position, the council will approve ISIT's charge document at the November 1st meeting. If a formal director of TIPD position is created later as part of the the BC administration restructuring process, we will change the ISIT membership to reflect that change.

Data Summit

People can attend the parts of the data summit (called "Points of Origin") on October 31st as their schedules permit but please register for the event so we have an idea of how many people will be attending the various parts (including a headcount for the breakfast and lunch). All faculty from the three colleges and Taft, student affairs people, the Administrative Council, selected classified staff, and John Nixon and Ron Head from ATD are invited to attend. Dr. Rob Johnstone and Dr. Patrick Perry are the keynote speakers and there will be two breakout sessions time slots. The schedule of events and other information about the conference is posted on the BC Data Conference page. A link to the Data Conference page is posted on the homepage of InsideBC (see the "BC Announcements" channel) and under the "About BC" tab of the BC website (see the "Data Conference" menu option). [It is not listed in the Staff Development channel of InsideBC because it is not being planned/implemented through the Staff Development Coordinating Council.] However you get to the data conference page, please register if you plan to come.

Items for District Consultation Council

After a long hiatus, the District Consultation Council will be meeting on October 22nd. This council brings together reps from the various employee groups from across the district to discuss districtwide matters with the chancellor. After we found out that the October 22nd meeting is intended to simply be the participatory governance training session, the BC members of the council decided that they would push to include discussion of other items at the October 22nd meeting including the Proposed Policy 4B3 Distance Education, Tobacco Free Campus, program review of district services, the KCCD Staff Diversity Plan, and the Wellness Requirement for graduation.

Here again are the details about the participatory governance workshop from Chancellor Serrano's October 15th email:

This is a reminder to join us at the Participatory Governance Workshop on Tuesday, October 22, 1-3:30 p.m. in the Forums Meeting Rooms at the district office. There will be a Q &A session at the end of the workshop. You may submit your questions before, during and after the workshop by email at

Sponsored by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) and the Community College League of California (CCLC), this workshop is co-presented by ASCCC President Beth Smith and CCLC President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Lay . The workshop explains the process created by California Education Code and regulation designed to “ensure faculty, staff and students…the right to participate effectively in district and college governance.”

The workshop will include information on the roles of faculty, staff, administration, and students in the daily processes that result in college and district decision making. The workshop presentation will help us understand the consultative process as well as the roles of Academic Senate and other constituency groups.

All employees are invited to attend via KCCD Live website video streaming. I have attached the PowerPoint presentation, Participating Effectively in District and College Governance: The Law, Regulation and Guidelines that will be covered during our time together next Tuesday.

Link to the workshop slides


Next meeting

Next College Council meeting will be November 1, 2013.

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