College Council -- September 2, 2011

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In my August report, I noted that the participatory governance committee chairs (ISIT, Curriculum, Program Review, Accreditation Steering Committee, EODAC) will be doing "thirdly" reports (end of Sept, first of Dec, first of April) . The Accreditation Steering Committee has developed a simple form to standardize those reports and make explicit the connections of the committees' work with college goals and budget planning. We also got a detailed timeline of the self-evaluation report process including the hiring of and work of the report editor. A call will soon go out for those interested in being the editor. Either 0.2 release time or $4000 stipend is the compensation.


No change in the budget status since last meeting. Enrollment is slightly down from our target FTES so some classes (at the CRN level) may be able to have class max sizes increased. To do that takes a conversation between the faculty member, the department chair, and the dean. However, I think that is now all past tense by the time you read this (had to be done by Census Date = Tuesday after Labor Day).

Student Success

The discussion was short and focussed on the concurrent enrollment of high school students who are already college-ready. What can we do for them? They are allowed to register starting two weeks AFTER the open registration for college students begins. I think the classes they would be able to register for are just the college transferable ones. Of course, a lot (all?) of those courses were already filled up by the time the concurrent enrollment students could register. Anyway, no talk about the metrics of measuring student success.


No change since last meeting. GET and Simonsen projects are continuing. GET terminal is funding 100% by GET. Simonsen is funded by state bond money approved long before latest state budget crisis and no general fund (operating budget) monies are being used for it.

The TES project is still in litigation and will be for a while so we are not using it.

Other Things

Next meetings

First and third Fridays of the month at 8:30 to 10:30 AM.

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