College Council -- September 7, 2012

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Short meeting led by Sean James, filling in for Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg who was conducting interviews of the college president candidates.


We looked over the Actionable Improvement Plans in our 2012 Accreditation Report. These are an integral part of the college's strategic plan and, therefore, are a key part of the evaluation of the Annual Program Reviews every department has filled out.

Other accreditation news:

Strategic Collegewide Planning

The Bakersfield College three-year Strategic Plan for 2012-15 was finalized by College Council in late June. Select the link to bring it up.

The strategic planning task force includes: Primavera Arvizu (chair), Ann Morgan, Corny Rodriguez, Kate Pluta, and Jennifer Marden. You can send them feedback directly by clicking on strategic planning task force link.


Our enrolled student head count is slightly less than 1% more than the same time last year. We went through our carryover faster than anticipated. The current fiscal year (2012-13) has $1.2 million less in carryover than originally projected when the 2012-13 budget was created.

Proposition 30 is the governor's tax proposal that will prevent the gutting of the higher education system in California (that includes community colleges). If Prop 30 passes we (BC) will receive cuts of "only" $1.2 million. If Prop 30 fails we (BC) will receive cuts of $5.2 million. The $1.2 million cut is manageable but a $5.2 million cut is catastrophic. Prop 30 failing will lead to a cut of 916 FTES and a corresponding drop in the number of faculty needed to teach them (around 20 or so faculty positions). It is my understanding that the FTES and faculty numbers are for BC only.

Support for Prop 30 is very soft across the state, so we're very seriously figuring on the doomsday scenario. One thing that makes it difficult to get support for Prop 30 is Prop 38 also being on the ballot for November. Prop 38 is another education funding bill that focusses on saving just the K12 system, while Prop 30 helps both K12 and higher education. Even more bizarre is that it is possible for both propositions to pass by majority vote but the one that will become law is the one that receives the greater majority of votes. How should you vote? Personal opinion only: However you vote on Prop 38, please vote in favor of Prop 30.


The SAM remodel project is on hold. The SAM project has NOT been re-bid. Sean James said that it was on hold because faculty have raised concerns about the remodel so Chancellor Sandra Serrano is waiting on spending the $12 million until the faculty concerns are addressed. That was news to me since I thought the project had been "re-scoped" last year with faculty consultation and we understand last spring that shovels were going into dirt starting this fall semester. Check with faculty who use SAM to see if Sean James is telling College Council the truth on that and let me know either way.

Other items mentioned: Basement of Language Arts will be used as swing space; Student Services and Math-Science are being considered for remodeling or repair (I don't know where they are in the stages of that); Fine Arts is being considered for modernization. STEM grant money may be used to enhance classrooms in Science-Engineering and the Math-Science building; and Math-Science building needs some roof repair.

Next meetings

Next College Council meeting will be September 21, 2012 at 8:30 AM.

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