College Council -- September 21, 2012

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There will be two open forums and an exit forum with the Accreditation Visiting Team during their visit October 23rd to 25th. At the open forums anyone can share their views with the visiting team about the college, particularly with how well the college meets the accreditation standards. At the exit forum the visiting team will share their preliminary evaluation + recommendations [correction on October 5th:] some sort of summary of what they did on campus and what they found and possibly highlight areas where we should get kudos. The forums are:

Accreditation full self-evaluation report is posted at .


The bid for replacing the broken glass doors on the campus came way over our budget projections for that project, so we're now re-scoping the project.

Enrollment and Productivity

We are trying to increase our "productivity number" which is the number of full-time equivalent students divided by the full-time equivalent faculty (FTES/FTEF). Our target is 17.5 which corresponds to 35 students per class on average. As of the Census Date we had a productivity number = 17.0 overall for the college that was better than the 16.1 value at the same time last year. Delano Center had a productivity number of 17.8 at Census Date. Average class size is 32 students and the "fill rate" is 93%. There is a formula used in calculating the FTES and FTEF numbers that will be given to us soon.


No change in the current fiscal year. The current fiscal year (2012-13) has about $1 million less in carryover than originally projected when the 2012-13 budget was created. We went through our carryover faster than anticipated.

Even if Proposition 30 passes, $1.6 million will be cut from our budget in fiscal year 2013-14 (that's an increase from the original $1.2 million given to us at the last meeting). If Proposition 30 fails, the cut is still the $5.2 million figure given at the last meeting. Prop 30 failing will lead to a cut of 916.8 FTES at Bakersfield College and a corresponding drop in the number of faculty needed to teach them: 20 full-time equivalent faculty at Bakersfield College. Of course, in order to meet the 50% law, such a drop in FTEF will mean even larger cuts in classified and administrative staff.

Note that we (BC employees) are prohibited from advocating for or against Prop 30 or any other propositions in our classrooms or using school resources (including school email). We can present the facts of what will happen if a proposition passes or fails but not advocate for a particular way to vote on the issue.

Other Things

Next meetings

Next College Council meeting will be October 5, 2012 at 8:30 AM.

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