Information Systems and Instructional Technology Committee Communications

This is the list of the ISIT faculty co-chair's reports to the Academic Senate and other ISIT information for the campus faculty and staff. Select a document to view the document in your web browser. Reports prior to Fall 2010 and IPR documents are on his ISIT archive page.

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Faculty Co-Chair's reports

  1. May 2014 meeting
  2. April 2014 meeting
  3. March 2014 meeting
  4. February 2014 meeting
  5. December 2013 meeting
  6. November 2013 meeting
  7. October 2013 meeting
  8. September 2013 meeting
  9. May 2013 meeting
  10. April 2013 meeting
  11. March 2013 meeting
  12. February 2013 meeting
  13. November 2012 meeting
  14. October 2012 meeting
  15. September 2012 meeting
  16. April 2012 meeting
  17. March 2012 meeting
  18. February 2012 meeting
  19. December 2011 meeting
  20. November 2011 meeting
  21. October 2011 meeting

Physical Science representative reports

  1. September 2011 meeting
  2. May 2011 meeting
  3. April 2011 meeting (there was no March meeting)
  4. February 2011 meeting
  5. November 2010 meeting (sorry, no October report)
  6. September 2010 meeting

Other documents for all faculty and staff

  1. Enabling access for waitlisted students to your Course Studio class website.
  2. Partial workaround enabling waitlisted students access to a Moodle course website.
  3. New Faculty Computer Basics Cheatsheet (PDF)
  4. General Education in CurricuNET tutorial --- lots of screenshots showing how the General Education group of the Curriculum Committee evaluates a course for inclusion in the BC General Education Pattern via CurricuNET.
  5. BanWeb Gradebook Visual Guide -- step-by-step screenshots showing instructors how to use this basic grading system that comes with Banner (BanWeb).
  6. BC_ALL rules of use
  7. Faculty Discussion board visual guide --- step-by-step screenshots showing faculty how to get into the faculty discussion area on BC Moodle platform.
  8. Banner Waitlist Visual Guide for FACULTY -- step-by-step screenshots showing the instructor how to use the waitlist for their classes.
  9. Setting Up a Macintosh to Print to a Hub Printer (requires you to get the IP address of the Hub printer from the network administrator).
  10. " You've Been Hacked!" --- (3.9 MB PDF) Joe King's presentation to BC on October 10, 2005 about computer viruses, worms, spyware, phish emails, and pharming and what everyone needs to do to keep their personal (financial, identity, etc.) information safe. Liz Rozell also has a copy on her website.
  11. Banner Waitlist Visual Guide -- step-by-step screenshots showing how to get onto a waitlist for a class from the student's perspective.
  12. Banner Waitlist Faculty tutorial (PDF document; revised April 16th!) -- Banner Wait List Student instructions (in printed class schedule) -- Banner Waitlist registration information (what appears when you select the link for more information about the BC waitlist in BanWeb).
  13. Banner Waitlist Features + Issues
  14. How to use Public Folders in Outlook/Exchange -- and -- Shortcuts for Public Folders in Outlook/Exchange
  15. Computer Use and Email Use Policy and Procedures in two formats (select the format you want): webpage and as PDF
  16. Faculty personal webpage template. Save the webpage that comes up when you select this link to your computer's harddrive and then edit it with Word, FrontPage, or any other editor that understands web language. Get space for your webpage and class website(s) from David Barnett (x4693)
  17. How to connect a Macintosh to the net using the campus network. Also shows how to set up Outlook/Exchange on a Mac.
  18. May 23, 2001 update of the BC web policy. This is the latest draft of the web policy with modifications after discussions with the president and work by a web policy team tasked to address the three legal entities allowed to have commercial activity on behalf of the college: the Foundation, Food Services, and the Bookstore. The changes since the November 2000 version approved by the Academic Senate are in red type. This is still a draft! It has not been formally approved by the President and/or the President's cabinet.
  19. Information Services proposal for Faculty Lab Managers.
  20. Copy of survey to see who does not have a functioning office computer or network access.
  21. My summary of the November 2000 BC web policy that covers the parts of interest to most of the faculty. My summary does not cover the e-commerce sections of the web policy. The November 2000 version was approved by the Academic Senate.
  22. My report about the League's CIT 2000 held in mid-November 2000 in Anaheim, CA.
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