ISIT Report — December 2008

Issues impacting students and teaching

  1. Luminis portal software probably delayed—until fall 2009. Too many people who need to be involved in the planning/implementation have not been able to get together to work through the details. Luminis will eventually become our access into BanWeb (but not immediately in fall 2009 and Internet Native Banner users will still use their usual interface). Luminis will become our means of distributing information targeted to particular users and a way for most of our faculty to post messages and materials about their classes to their students. For more information and a link to a demo, see the May 2008 report.

Other items of note

  1. ISIT has begun looking at technology plans from unit plans—and has found a number of gaps. Several departments who use audio-visual equipment did not include those technology needs in their unit plans. We think that many departments/areas assume that they are responsible for identifying and budgeting for initial equipment purchases and that Media Services will take care of replacements and/or upgrades. That is not true. On a campus the size of BC and the small number of staff in Media Services, departments need to be the ones who identify all audiovisual equipment needs (including costs) whether it is new equipment or replacement/upgrade and consumables.

    The technology section of the unit plan form probably needs to be improved so that audio-visual technology needs can be distinguished more readily from computer technology needs. Since all equipment requests must be backed up by what is in the unit plan (i.e., if it's not in the unit plan, it's not in the budget), department chairs need training on the type of information that should go into the technology section of the unit plan.

  2. BC_ALL rules of use enforcement—will be a bit stronger. Those who use the BC_ALL list inappropriately will be blocked from sending messages to BC_ALL. Because of the convenience of email, we are getting buried in the email blizzard. We need people to be more careful in how they use their email in general and the email listservs in particular. BC_ALL is for messages that NEED to go to all employees of the college and that are work-related. Be aware that those who do not use the BC_ALL list appropriately will be blocked from sending messages to the list. The BC_ALL rules of use are given below for your reference.

    Rules for use of BC_ALL

    Because BC_ALL is an unmoderated list that broadcasts messages to the entire campus staff, users of the list must observe the following rules for its use. Failure to observe the following rules will lead to the removal of the person's privilege of using the list.

    1. BC_ALL is for the sole use of college staff to communicate only work-related information to ALL college staff.

    2. Information that is for only certain segments of the campus population is to be sent to the appropriate list such as bc_faculty, bc_classified, bc_admin, etc. For help on other lists, ask: or 4256.

    3. Discussions of items first presented in a BC_ALL message are to take place in other places such as bc_forum or the faculty discussion moodle space. Do not send replies or forwards to BC_ALL.

    4. Messages allowed include those relating to: systems interruptions, department/service closures, non-critical campus issues, new personnel, open to the campus events and activities, major personnel or student announcements.

    5. Messages about non-work related information are not allowed, including, but certainly not limited to: garage sales, your side business, lost pets, etc.

    6. Do not send replies or forwards to BC_ALL. Do not send Thank Yous or "I agree" or other responses to BC_ALL.

    7. Do not send requests/offers for office supplies/equipment to BC_ALL (better would be bc_classified).

    8. Do not send your message twice if you don’t immediately see it as delivery can take up to ten minutes or more. Ask for help: or 4256.

    9. Messages with attachments, backgrounds or embedded images will be automatically rejected.

    10. If in doubt about message content, ask: or 4256.

  3. Email Norms. In an effort to control the email blizzard that stuffs our email boxes every day, campus employees should remember these common-sense guidelines. More critical items have been bolded and * starred.

  4. Old, stale "www2" websites—will not move over to the new webserver during the first couple weeks of December. Websites that have NONE of the individual webpages inside it updated or modified for over a year will not be transferred over to the new www2 server. It is okay to have some individual webpages in a given website that haven't been modified for over a year as long as the information is still current and relevant to today. People are encouraged to regularly update their websites to keep all of the information current. Besides giving incorrect information, an out-of-date website makes the creator of the site and the college or department look bad. All webpages should have at a minimum: current information, a date of last update so readers know the currency of the information, contact information, and be fully accessible.

last update: December 4, 2008

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Document author: Nick Strobel
Math-Science 101 (Planetarium), 395-4526