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Updated: December 2, 2013

General Information:

Department Office Location: SE 57 (BC main campus, Science-Engineering Building)
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Department Phone: (661) 395-4401 and 395-4224

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The mission of our department is to provide the rigorous science foundation necessary for students to achieve the skills, knowledge, intellectual curiosity and scientific literacy essential for a wide range of professional or technical careers. The department fulfills the primary missions of community colleges by providing support to academic (science and engineering) education and workforce development/vocational programs (nursing and teacher preparation). Hands on laboratory skills are a critical component for the development of critical thinking skills in many of our courses. The department primarily offers transfer level courses designed to satisfy the needs of science majors, allied health students, college general education requirements, and liberal studies teacher credential programs.

Department Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of and recognize the processes that explain natural phenomena
  2. Apply the methodologies of science when approaching a problem
  3. Apply logical quantitative and qualitative reasoning in solving problems or analyzing arguments

Department Course Descriptions (excerpted from College Catalog) -- PDF. New STEM Success Course added starting Fall 2012.

Chemistry Students! (Updated September 17, 2008)

Science & Engineering Students (in advanced classes)!

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Department Chair:
Kenward Vaughan

Liz Rozell

Dean's Assistants:

Janet Thomas Karen Mattox

Full Time Faculty:

Wayne Cooper

Mike Daniel

Rick Darke

Dan Kimball

Julie Lowe

John Menzies

Sung Soo Park

Jack Pierce

Ronald Schott

Nick Strobel

Kenward Vaughan

Rich Wise


Meg Stidham



Adjunct Faculty:

Dennis Harvey

Robert Lewy

Behrang Madani

James May

redballCari Meyer

redballJohn Miller

redballMike Oldershaw

redballTiffany Pawluk

 redballJerry Smith      

STEM Program Counselor:
Cynthia Quintanilla

STEM Program Coordinator:
red ballRageshwar Goldberg

Counseling Department Liaison:
red ballSue Granger-Dickson

MESA Program (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement)

MESA offers:

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web page contact: Nick Strobel