What chemistry course should I take at BC?

These questions are designed to help you determine which chemistry course is correct for you.

For short descriptions and additional information about prerequisites, see:
BC chemistry course summaries

are going into the BC or CSUB nursing program Chem 11 is the course best suited for pre-nursing students

If you have already taken Chem 2A or Chem 1A, see instructor

need a science course to meet general education requirements, Area 5  (PHSC B11 recommeded) Phys Sci B11 OR Chem 11 OR Chem 2A OR Chem 1A
less difficult                                        more difficult
have weak or no chemistry background and 
need to take Chem 1A
Chem 2A first  
(includes most students with  "C's" in HS chemistry)
are a science/engineering major and need General Chemistry for transfer to a  CSU or UC Chem 1A, likely 1B 
(check with university)
need to take Chem 1B  Chem 1A first
need organic chemistry for transfer to CSU/ UC
(may transfer as survey or health sci org. chem.)
Chem 18
first take Chem 2A OR  Chem 1A

last updated: 09/02/2008

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