Study Skills Classes in the Learning Center

The faculty in the Learning Center (northeast corner of the Student Services building, second floor) have created a series of mini-courses that give you practical training in studying effectively and efficiently for college-level classes. Each mini-course is three weeks long, meeting twice a week. You get 0.5 unit of credit for each mini-course.

You can take any of the classes you want without having to sign up for the entire series. Take whichever class covers the skill you need help with. The calendar for this semester is: Fall schedule link --- Spring schedule link . Note that you can get 10 points extra credit if you take the ACDV B70A "Time Management" course this semester.

Most students know about studying, but studying in a way that makes the best use of their time and in a way that they actually remember the material is something that many students have not been taught. Many times, the A and B students are not smarter than the D or F students, but the successful students have developed (or been taught) the “secret” techniques to studying effectively. The Learning Center faculty have studied the techniques that work and those that do not. They will teach you the good ones in the AC DV B70 classes. Students who complete one or more of the AC DV B70 classes do better in school and are glad they took the class(es). They also get a boost in self-esteem when they realize that they aren't “stupid” or “dumb”—they were simply not exposed to the “secrets to success”. Call the Learning Center (395-4433) for more information about the mini-courses.

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last updated December 15, 2016

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