Math 6C Tests, with Solutions


Quiz 3 Errata:    OOPS!!   One of my corrections needed correcting, on this one...    Debugged quiz 3, in MS word format.

Quiz 5 Errata:    Don't pull out your hair...  Corrections are needed for problems #1-4 and #13.       !Illustrations!

Debugged quiz 5, in MS word format.  

Let me know if you have any difficulty reading this file!

Unit vectors, vector projections, angle between vectors, tangent vectors, normal vectors

Quiz 10 (MS Word)    Quiz 10 Solutions (HTML)    Quiz 10 Solutions (MS Word)

Velocity & acceleration, Frenet frames, curvature, radius of curvature & osculating circles, lengths of parametrized curves

Quiz 11 (MS Word)      Quiz 11 Solutions (HTML)     Quiz 11 Solutions (MS Word)

FALL 2002 - Exam 2 Solutions!

Partial derivatives, linear and quadratic approximation, the gradient, directional derivatives, tangent planes, Lagrange multipliers, extrema and saddle points

Quiz 12 (MS Word)                 Quiz 12 Graphs (HTML)    

Quiz 12 Solutions (HTML)      Quiz 12 Solutions (MS Word)

FALL 2002 - Exam 3 Solutions! (HTML)

Iterated integrals, change of variables, coordinate transformations

Quiz 13 (MS Word)                        Quiz 13 Corrections (HTML)    

Quiz 13 Solutions (HTML)             Quiz 13 Solutions (MS Word)

FALL 2002 - Exam 4 (HTML)       Fall 2002 - Exam 4 Solutions! (HTML)

Line integrals,  Greenís theorem, gradient fields, divergence, flux, curl, circulation

Quiz 14 (HTML)       Quiz 14 (MS Word)      Quiz 14 Solutions (MS Word)

FALL 2002 - Exam 5 (HTML)        Exam 5 Illustrations      

Fall 2002 - Exam 5 Solutions! (HTML