Table showing Special Population information for Bakersfield College in 2012-2013.

The special populations are:

The information available for each population is:

By Data Category

Fall 2012 Unduplicated head count

Fall 2012 Credit Enrollment Count

Fall 2012 Credit FTES

Fall 2012 Non-credit enrollment count

Fall 2012 Non-credit FTES

Spring 2013 Unduplicated head count

Spring 2013 Credit Enrollment Count

Spring 2013 Credit FTES

Spring 2013 Non-credit enrollment count

Spring 2013 Non-credit FTES

By Population

CalWORKS (California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids)

CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education   

DSPS: Disabled Students Programs & Services   

EOPS: Extended Opportunity Programs & Services 

Foster Youth

MESA: Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement

Military: (Active Duty, Active Reserve, National Guard)  

Special Admit