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Human Anatomy and Physiology I - 4
This is the first part of a two-semester integrated anatomy and physiology course providing the necessary foundation required for BIOL B33. The course covers the principles of human anatomy and physiology, emphasizing the integration of structure, function, and maintenance of homeostasis. Topics are anatomical terminology, body chemistry, histology, articulations, and the following systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and peripheral nervous. Both BIOL B32 and B33 must be taken to study all the major body systems. This two-course sequence represents the CAN BIOL Sequence B and replaces BIOL B14 and BIOL B15 previously taught at BC. This series meets the diverse needs of students seeking careers in such allied health fields as nursing, pharmacy, and physician’s assistant. Prerequisite: Reading level 5 or 6. Hours: 54 lect, 54 lab. Offered: F, S. CCS: Liberal Arts and Sciences. Transferable: CSU and private colleges.
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