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General Chemistry - 5
Basic principles of chemistry, including atomic structure, stoichiometry, reaction energy, chemical bonding, periodic relationships of the elements, states and properties of matter, solutions, introduction to acids and bases, a brief introduction to descriptive chemistry of the elements, and other topics as appropriate. The laboratory emphasizes quantitative methods. Prerequisite: Reading Level 5 or 6; CHEM B2a with a grade of C or higher or high school chemistry; MATH BD with a C or higher or 2 years of high school algebra. Recommended: Math prerequisite accomplished within previous 2 years. Hours: 54 lect, 108 lab. Offered: F,S. CCS: Liberal Arts & Sciences. Transferable: UC, CSU and private colleges. BC GE B.1; CSU GE B.1, B.3; IGETC 5.A.
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