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Applied Chemistry - 4
The systematic study of the principles of applied inorganic, organic, and biochemistry using a qualitative and quantitative approach. Topics include physical principles of chemistry; inorganic compounds and reactions; basic and applied nuclear chemistry, (including radioactivity, nuclear energy, uses of radioisotopes, radiation hazards); a survey of organic chemistry (classification, compounds, reactions, nomenclature); biochemistry (classification, composition, reactions in living organisms). The course emphasizes technical aspects of chemistry relating to everyday processes and industrial and environmental applications. Prerequisite: MATH BA or equivalent. Recommended: Reading Level 5 or 6. Hours: (108) 3 lect, 1 disc, 2 lab. Field trips may be required. CCS: Liberal Arts & Sciences. Transferable: CSU and private colleges. Note: Not open to students with credit in ENVT B49.
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