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History of Chicanos in the Southwest - 3
Survey of the Chicanos and the United States with an emphasis on the development of California and the Southwest from 1848 to the present. Examines significant events in at least 100 years of U.S. history, the relationship of regions within the U.S. area, the relationship with external regions and powers, the role of major ethnic groups, the continuity of American experience and the derivation from other cultures. Also examines the aftermath of the U.S. Mexican War, 1846-1848, the interrelationship of Mexican and U.S. history between 1860 and 1910; the effects of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 on the 20th century experience of Chicanos in the U.S., and the study of the California State Constitution. Satisfies the requirements in U.S. Constitution, American history and institutions. Recommended: Eligibility for English 1 and Reading Level 5 or 6. Hours: 54 lect. CCS: Liberal Arts & Sciences. Transferable: UC, CSU and private colleges. Note: Not open to students who have taken the equivalent course, HIST B30b.
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