Class Detail
Elementary Spanish - 5 units. B1a,B1b (2.5,2.5) equivalent to B1ab.
Introduction to the Spanish language and culture by means of a program that involves video, audio, and print media into an integrated method of “planned immersion.” Emphasis is on the development of all four language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) within a communicative approach. Prerequisite: Span B1b: Span B1a. Recommended: Reading Level 5 or 6. Hours: Span B1a: 45 lect. B1b: 45 lect. B1ab: 90 lect. Offered: F., S, SS. CCS: Liberal Arts & Science. Transferable: UC, CSU and private colleges. BC GE C; CSU GE C.2; IGETC 6.
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