Barrier 6: Starting College in Developmental Courses

By Dr. Kimberly Van Horne, Ed.D.


(Quotes by students: M=Male F= Female)

Over 2/3 of Bakersfield College students are required to take an Academic Development class to prepare them for college-level courses. Students shared their thoughts about how starting in developmental courses could be viewed as an academic barrier.


Overcoming Barrier 6: Changing Perceptions about Starting College in Developmental Courses

Even though starting in developmental courses adds time to what it takes to accomplish college goals, students viewed starting in developmental courses as an academic advantage because the coursework helped them to become better prepared for their college-level courses. Students said it was important for students starting in college developmental courses (a) to think positive and (b) to understand the advantages.


Positive Thinking

Students shared thoughts on the importance of thinking positively about placement in developmental courses and about some of the advantages of starting in developmental courses.


1. Competing Demands 2. Financial Issues 3. Cultural Beliefs, Values, & Attitudes about Education 4. Transitions to College
5. Failing or Repeating a Course 6. Starting College in Developmental Courses 7. Personal Attitudes about College  

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