Barrier 7: Personal Attitudes about College

By Dr. Kimberly Van Horne, Ed.D.  

(Quotes by students: M=Male F= Female)

Many students begin college with the attitude that it is not much different from high school. Some have even said that it is just like high school, only students are allowed to smoke, and no one cares if students go to class. In reality, college is very different from high school. Poor attitudes about college can be a barrier to success. Students shared some personal attitudes about college that created college barriers while attending BC. The attitudes included lack of motivation, apathy, immature thinking, low self-expectations, and falling prey to outside influences that interfered with their academic goals.

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Overcoming Barrier 7: Changing Personal Attitudes about College

Students shared several strategies that were useful for changing personal attitudes that created barriers to academic success at BC. The strategies included (a) self-reflecting (b) trying harder to succeed, and (c) understanding the advantages of starting projects early.

1. Competing Demands 2. Financial Issues 3. Cultural Beliefs, Values, & Attitudes about Education 4. Transitions to College
5. Failing or Repeating a Course 6. Starting College in Developmental Courses 7. Personal Attitudes about College  

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