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 Useful Sites

 Ohio State University "Handling Reading" Site

  1. Handling Reading Pretest
    How Effective Are My Reading Strategies?
  2. Reading And Concentration
    How Can I Pay Attention When I'm Reading?
  3. Pre-Reading Decisions
    What Should I Do First?
  4. Reading To Find The Important Ideas
    How Do I Know What To Look For?
  5. Reading And Remembering
    How Can I Remember What I Read?

More Help

Professor Bob Schiffman's Textbook Reading Tips (PDF)

The following is a recommended method for reading your textbook. This method has proven successful in many courses that I have taught.

  1. Scan through chapter, looking at category headings, and read picture/ diagram captions, and bold faced words. These are important concepts and ideas and will be emphasized on the exams.
  2. Read chapter summary.
  3. Read chapter.
  4. Review chapter summary.

Once you have completed all four steps you should be able to define most of the terms, ideas and concepts and provide examples where appropriate. This should be your objective.

It may also help if you look up the terms in the glossary at the end of the text book. When you begin reviewing for your midterm and final exams, you may find it necessary to only re-read the chapter summaries and review the chapter terms and definitions.

Doing this and going over the midterm study guide should prepare you for the exams. Exam questions will reflect definitions, concepts, theories, inset boxes in text and examples were appropriate.

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