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Time Management

Click on the following resources to help you with your Time Management goals. These are PDFs -- to view or print these files you must install the free Adobe Reader or another PDF reader program such as the Foxit Reader.

» Adobe Acrobat Reader
» Foxit Reader

  » Course Records/ Study Skills Hints (Divider Tabs)

These Course Record dividers provide a location for you to list important information about your courses as well as keep a running list of assignments and grades for these courses.  Five pages of study skills hints are also provided to print on the back of each divider, providing a method to organize all of your courses and keep track of returned work. 

  » Analyze Your Schedule

Keep track of what you do for an entire week, and then use this handout to analyze how you are using your time, where you are wasting time, and develop a plan to make improvements.

  » Long-term Project Plan

This work-plan allows you to determine the requirements of a long-term project and set up a personal schedule to complete it by the due date.

  » My Course Has a Syllabus?

This form will help you get the most out each syllabus you get and note important information that will help you be successful in each course.

  » Learning Style Inventory/Strategy Plan

This provides a website for a great Learning Styles Inventory that is free and easy to use.  Most importantly, after you determine your learning style, this site provides practical strategies to use throughout the semester to build on the strengths of that learning style.

  » Successful Online Student Skills Survey

This survey will help you determine if you have what it takes to be successful as an on-line student.  A link is also provided to the Online Survival Guide developed by the Bakersfield College Distance Learning experts.

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