Apprenticeship A workplace opportunity that allows students to learn an occupation and gain practical experience under the instruction of workers in a skilled trade or occupation.
Career Fair Presenter A school site event exposing students to an array of careers and that allows them the opportunity to inquire and learn more about all of their options.
Career Speaker A school sire and/or classroom volunteer who presents to students and shares their insights and information on preparation for a specific career or careers in general.
A Workplace opportunity for a student to expand the classroom instruction to the work site in a non-paid position.
Curriculum and
Standards Assistance
A workplace and/or school site opportunity for a business volunteer who will develop and/or evaluate student projects that relate to the business volunteer’s vocation or profession.
Internship A workplace paid or unpaid opportunity for students to work on-site for a specified period of time to learn about a particular industry or occupation.
Mentoring A one-on-one workplace or school site relationship during which the mentor and the student work on developing interpersonal skills, job skills, and personal qualities.
A workplace and/or school site relationship in which students explore, experience, and learn basic business and entrepreneurial practices by designing and managing a business at the school site.
Service Learning An experience for students at a workplace or community agency during which the students participation in volunteer projects that connect to academic learning.
Skills Certified A school site experience where business people visit classrooms to speak on and demonstrate the critical skills needed to compete in today’s workplace, and/or where business people participate in mock interviews or competency certification.
Student Job
A four to eight hour workplace experience that introduces a student to a particular career or job by pairing the student with an employee of a business or industry.
Teacher Job
A workplace experience in which educators spend time with employees to better understand the workplace and its relationship to the subject they teach.
Work Experience A workplace paid position for Juniors and Seniors for a designated period of time.
Work Place Tutors Educators and students visit workplace to expose students to careers in order to make classroom learning more real.