A Tech Prep Program Consists of…

  • A broad career path focus that looks at all aspects of an industry
  • Applied academics and occupational skill instruction
  • Industry connected advisory groups with opportunities for student involvement
  • Open access with active outreach to all students


…any student with an identified focus demonstrated by defined career/occupational and educational goals.

  1. The integration of academic and vocational/occupational education
  2. The development of links between education and employers to assist in bringing relevance to education
  3. The development of links which provide smooth transitions between high school and the community college (technical level training)
  4. The development of career guidance programs which facilitate career development as well as academic development
  5. Developing and using contextual instruction methods which support the application of knowledge and make clear the relevance of the subject to a student’s preparation for earning a living

What are California Partnership Academies?

There are about 200 Partnership Academies in California, each selected through a grants competition, and many additional "Academy-like" programs. Each is housed in a public high school and structured as a three-year school-within-a school.

What Role Does Tech Prep Play with California Partnership Academies?

  • Promotes a seamless transition to the postsecondary institution
  • Develops career awareness necessary for students to make wise choices
  • Articulates specific courses designed by academies that may be used for college credit
  • Links business partners to the academies for necessary work-based learning opportunities