Surprise Baby Shower

My spring 2008 ASL 1 class decided to surprise me and throw me a surprise baby shower! I've never been so surprised. They are a devious bunch and did a good job of concealing this from me with the help of several of my colleagues. They were far too generous with their gifts, but my soon-t-be-born son will be well-outfitted and the mother-to-be was very pleased with all the nice gifts. Thanks so much for your generosity and love!


Community College Association Conference
Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, CA

In April, 2007, I attended my first CCA conference. Held on the Queen Mary, the conference brought together delegates from community colleges throughout California. My colleague Pam Boyles and I both attended as participants in the second cadre of the "Building Stronger Locals" program.


Great Teachers Seminar
UCLA Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, CA

In March, 2007, I returned to the UCLA Conference Center with 15 of my colleagues for another Great Teachers Seminar. Once again, we attended a number of work- and brainstorming sessions, relaxed in the mountains, dined at the conference center, and learned from each other. 


Gallaudet Fundraiser
Cold Stone Creamery, Bakersfield, CA

In March, 2006, students and faculty from the Bakersfield College ASL Program came together to raise money to help send a group of students and their instructors to Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Cold Stone Creamery was kind enough to donate 25% of their proceeds for the evening to our cause. Faculty and students took a turn behind the counter dishing out ice cream for all our friends and supporters. It was a fun and successful evening and everyone enjoyed a dish of delicious Cold Stone ice cream!


Great Teachers Seminar
UCLA Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, CA

In March, 2006, along with almost 30 other faculty members from Bakersfield College, I attended the Great Teachers Seminar. The retreat, which has been operating since 1969, brings together faculty from diverse disciplines such as biology, music, Spanish, history, and ASL to discuss matters important to them: student retention, student behavior, faculty governance, philanthropic endeavors, etc. Held at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, it really was a wonderful opportunity to relax, learn, and enjoy the company of some wonderful colleagues and facilitators.

Our meeting hall,
the Iris Room
Our facilitators planning
one of the many activities
Great teachers! The UCLA Conference
Lake Arrowhead
Profs. Larkin,
Hurd, and Kettner
Out shopping Lora Larkin &
Tom Moran
Tom Moran The Iris Room
The grounds of the
UCLA Conference Center
Profs. Besst, Boyles,
and Tatum
Our hosts, becki whitson
and Sally Hill
Great teachers!  

Student Field Trip to "Open Window"
Pasadena Playhouse

In October, 2005, faculty and students from BC's ASL Program boarded busses once again to see live Deaf theater. Pam Davis, department chair, along with instructors Tom Moran and Bryan Buckey, accompanied 90 students to the Pasadena Playhouse to see a matinee performance of Steven Sachs' Open Window.

Students waiting for the busses outside the LA building. Jamie chats with Israel Moran Still waiting. . . Pah! On the road! Arrival in Pasadena
The Pasadena Playhouse The theater had. . . . . . a wonderful courtyard where students waited. . . . . . and looked at their banner. . . . . . and waited some more.
Milling in the courtyard The historic Pasadena Playhouse Students chatting Students chatting Students chatting
After the play Pam Davis chats with students   Pam and I Pam and her students
Israel, Jamie, and I Pam and I     Old friends from SD
Me & the Mrs. Tasty Burgers   More waiting. . .  

Signing Naturally Level 2 Workshop
California State University Sacramento

In July 2005, I had the unique opportunity to study with Ella Mae Lentz, one of the authors of the Signing Naturally curriculum. Over four days, nine ASL teachers worked together to learn about the level 2 curriculum, its rationale, best teaching practices, and an in-depth study of units 13 through 17 and the Curriculum Review of the Level Two student text and teacher's manual. Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal and learned a lot of really useful information that will benefit their students.

My classmate from University of Idaho Byron Cantrell Teachers await orientation   Drawing Doorprizes
I've known Byron since I was 4! Ella Lentz & Byron Cantrell Ella Lentz & Byron Cantrell Our home for 4 days  

Student Field Trip: Paddy Ladd
National Center on Deafness @ California State University, Northridge

In February 2005, a group of 37 students and ASL faculty members traveled to California State University, Northridge for a very special day. We arrived at CSUN and met with a student panel at the National Center on Deafness. Six Deaf students kindly shared their life and academic experiences with Bakersfield College students enrolled in ASL 2, 3, and 4 classes, some of whom may go on to study sign language interpreting. Following the panel we were given a tour of the National Center on Deafness by Deaf CSUNian president, Carlos Aponte. After a brief bite to eat at the bookstore complex, we then walked to the Music Recital Hall to attend a lecture given by Paddy Ladd, "In Search of Deafhood; What Does It Mean?" It was a fascinating two hours of ASL, BSL, International Sign Language, and thought-provoking ideas from an international perspective.

The Magic Bus Ms. Bart entertains the students Our intrepid driver Student Panel Student Panel
Deaf CSUNians really held our attention Bird's-eye view of NCOD's MPR Would-be Interpreters Carlos makes a point All smiles!
BC students taking a break in the courtyard BC students chatting in the courtyard Kurt checking out the shade Haven't seen each other in a long time Deaf CSUNians and BC Students
The NCOD Student Lounge Carlos Aponte and Amy Conway lead the tour Danon, Felicia, and others soaking it all in Carlos and Amy On our way to see Paddy Ladd
Walking across the south end of campus Paddy Ladd on the topic of Deafhood Ladd held the audience's attention for two hours Dr. Larry Fleischer thanks Paddy Ladd Dr. Fleischer thanking everyone for attending

Signing Naturally Level 1 Workshop
California State University, Sacramento

In January 2004, it was my pleasure to have studied with Cheri Smith, one of the authors of the Signing Naturally curriculum. Over four days 15 ASL teachers worked together to learn about the curriculum, its rationale, effective teaching practices, and an in-depth study of units one through six of the Level One text. Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal and learned a lot of really useful information that will benefit our students.

IMG_8928.JPG (806381 bytes) IMG_8930.JPG (809844 bytes) IMG_8939.JPG (1014169 bytes) IMG_8941.JPG (885989 bytes) IMG_8942.JPG (940982 bytes)
Chatting on a break Attentive Students Lunch @ La Bou Lunch @ La Bou Lunch @ La Bou
IMG_8943.JPG (888182 bytes) IMG_8947.JPG (620430 bytes) IMG_8950.JPG (840181 bytes) IMG_8954.JPG (846133 bytes) IMG_8955.JPG (821177 bytes)
Lunch @ La Bou Karen & Christy Learning & Laughing Byron Cantrell (our moderator) & Cheri Smith Byron, Cheri, and Ken Mikos
IMG_8957.JPG (410229 bytes) IMG_8959.JPG (914868 bytes) IMG_8962.JPG (855583 bytes) IMG_8963.JPG (969010 bytes) IMG_8965.JPG (959736 bytes)
Byron with the grand prize donated by Dawn Sign Press Cheri draws a name for Byron Chatting during a break Group Portrait: Levels 1 & 2 Group Portrait:
Level 1
IMG_8969.JPG (636982 bytes) IMG_8974.JPG (680084 bytes) IMG_8975.JPG (622351 bytes) IMG_8977.JPG (756664 bytes) IMG_8982.JPG (727259 bytes)
A small token from Level 1 students Practicing Unit 5 Practicing Unit 5 Practicing Unit 5 Practicing Unit 5

Salk Institute
La Jolla, CA

In June, 2003, while staying in San Diego, I had the opportunity to tour the world-famous Salk Institute. While there, I met Dr. Ursulla Bellugi, who, together with Dr. William Stokoe, is one of the pioneers in ASL linguistics research. Dr. Bellugi's research has confirms that ASL is processed in the brain's language centers.

Salk Institute Sign (1244365 bytes) The Salk Institute (797908 bytes) Myself, Bert Pickell, and Dr. Bellugi (869068 bytes) Dr. Ursulla Bellugi (890347 bytes) Research Display (901722 bytes)
The Salk Institute The Salk Institute Myself, Bert Pickell, and Dr. Bellugi Dr. Ursulla Bellugi Research Display

Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

In July 2003, I spent two weeks as a visitor to the Center on American Sign Language Literacy at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. There I observed a number of their classes and instructors and learned a great deal about ASL and American Deaf history. Below are a few of my favorite pictures of this beautiful and historic campus.

The Original Kendall School (1035739 bytes) Statue of Thomas Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell (514727 bytes) Bust of Laurent Clerc (426558 bytes) Statue of Edward Miner Gallaudet (552879 bytes) Statue of Galludet's Mascot, the Bison (1255072 bytes)
Kendall Hall Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell Laurent Clerc Edward Miner Gallaudet The Bison:
Gallaudet's Mascot
Image of College Hall (949723 bytes) Image of College Hall (492762 bytes) Infamous Coffin-Shaped Door (523575 bytes) Exterior Hall, College Hall (1002736 bytes) Interior Hall, College Hall (709331 bytes)
College Hall College Hall The Coffin-Shaped Door College Hall exterior College Hall interior
Board Room, College Hall (394565 bytes) Hall of Presidents, College Hall (859128 bytes) Vintage Dormitory Door-Knocker (355302 bytes) E.M. Gallaudet's Desk (850203 bytes) View Out 4th Floor Window, College Hall (291898 bytes)
Newly Restored Meeting Room Hall of Presidents Door-Knocker Display (circa 1955) Edward Miner Gallaudet's desk Ornate Architecture
Chapel Hall, exterior (373168 bytes) Chapel Hall, exterior (1005980 bytes) House on Faculty Row (1249159 bytes) House One, the President's Private Residence (1173550 bytes) IMG_6072.JPG (1056705 bytes)
Chapel Hall and Tower Clock Chapel Hall Faculty Row House One "Ole Jim"
"Ole Jim" and Conference Center (1148117 bytes) Merrill Learning Center, home of CASLL (1014789 bytes) Hall Memorial Building (706915 bytes) Student Academic and High Tech Center (1005722 bytes) Tom Moran on the 4th floor of College Hall (287515 bytes)
Kellog Conference Center Merrill Learning Center/Center on American Sign Language Literacy Hall Memorial Building Student Academic and High Tech Center Tom on the 4th floor of College Hall

ASLTA Conference
Indianapolis, IN

In April, 2003, I attended my first ASLTA Conference. The ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher's Association) was formerly associated with the NAD (National Association of the Deaf) but are now on their own. The conference was their second national event. I learned a great deal after attending nearly 20 hours of workshops and met some great folks, too.

Tom Humphries, Holly Roth, and Patricia Yates Vendor Display Crowded Workshop Patricia Yates and Tom Moran (740444 bytes) Silent Auction (1076523 bytes)
Tom Humphries, Holly Roth, and Patricia Yates Vendor's Display Full Workshops Patricia Yates and I Evening Art Auction
Full Workshop (916391 bytes) Patricia Yates and Tom Moran (312020 bytes) Tom Participates in Workshop (852463 bytes) Signing Naturally Display (798481 bytes)
Crowded Workshop Patricia Yates and I Participating in Body Part Classifiers Workshop Vendor's Display