Laboratory Safety

In the interest of safety students will:

1.  Partake of no food or drink while in science classrooms or laboratories.
2.  Memorize the location and use of the emergency eye-wash fountain, emergency shower, fire blankets, and fire extinguishers.
3.  Only work in the laboratory when supervised by an instructor.
4.  Understand the general procedures and safety measures to be followed before coming to lab.
5.  Do only authorized experiments.
6.  Wear sensible clothing (confine long hair and fuzzy clothing) and enclosed shoes.
7.  Keep the lab bench clear, during experiments, of all personal items except lab materials.
8.  Wear approved eye protection and an approved apron at all times while in the laboratory.
9.  Report any (even a cut or a burn) accident immediately so that proper procedures may be taken if necessary.
10. Check labels on containers to make sure the right chemical of the correct concentration is used.
11.  Use hand protection/lubricant when inserting glass tubing, glass rods, or thermometers into a stopper.
12.  Never return unused reagents to reagent bottles.
13.  Smell a chemical only by first taking a deep breath of fresh air, exhaling , and then wafting the vapors toward the nose with the hand.
14.  Clean up all spills immediately, if not sooner...
15.  Never taste any chemical or solution.
16.  Never point the open end of a test tube being heated towards anyone.
17.  Dispose of all hazardous chemicals in the appropriately labeled waste container.
18.  Notify instructor of any mercury spills.  Special attention is required.
19.  Know the procedures to be taken incase of an explosion, fire, or earthquake.
20.  Clean and dry work area and clean sink before leaving lab each day. 
21.  Dispose of solids appropriately and not in the sink.